By Stephen Duell aka Spuds1961

First off, let me preface this by saying I’m not too big of a basketball fan to begin with, but these guys are just plain stupid.

I find it hard to sympathize with owners or players who have never worked an honest day of hard work in their lives. The NFL was on the brink of a long strike but in the end they got it right and reached a settlement, way to go NFL! Football is also one of my favorite sports so I was glad to see they salvaged their season. The NBA on the other hand, I could take or leave, especially with all the other sports winter has to offer, hockey, the NFL, or college football.

I really think these people don’t have a clue, with the state of the economy and people needing jobs… I have read about Memphis as a city is going to sue the NBA because of this lockout, kudos to them, as I think they are doing the right thing. I am sick of multi-million dollar athletes and mega-rich owners not being able to see the big picture, which is the common employee working at these venues needing their job.

My heart goes out to the college student who uses his job as a vendor to foot the bills for his or her education, or the senior citizen who uses their job as a cashier to supplement their low paying social security to help foot their bills and put food on their table. From what I’ve been reading the players will not end this strike until the revenue sharing is made 52 % to 48 % in their favor, well guys, get a real job and try this crap! Good luck standing in the unemployment line with the rest of us.

I find it hard to fathom that these players can’t survive on the overpaid salaries they make in the first place, and I also find it hard to fathom that these owners aren’t making enough money off of their franchise to have tons of money left over. Any owner who can’t make money off of their franchise probably doesn’t need to be an owner. Just the way any player, even the lowest paid on an NBA roster who most likely makes $ 200,000 per year needs to re-evaluate their place in life.

What these players and owners don’t realize is yes we can live without basketball, but we can’t live without the revenue it brings in for the common folk. In an already horrible economy I find it hard to believe that these people can’t see the big picture. I mean how hard is it to see how much income it is costing the average employee? Open your eyes players and owners! Yes neither of you wants to blink an eye and settle for something you see as a loss, but in the end, when all is said and done if you guys handle your finances properly everybody will make their fair share of money.

In closing yes I would like to see a settlement, but not for the players and owners but more for Johnny who works as a vendor to have money to pay for his college education, or Jane who works the concession stands to supplement her social security check.