By Andrew Hoyler aka Andrewhoya

Or will it ever? Ever since the beginning of the human race, women were looked down upon. They were rarely allowed to leave camp to go hunting, and were stuck with the cooking and cleaning. IT stayed this way for centuries and centuries, before women, led my Susan B. Anthony, proved to the world that they were better than everyone thought they were. They fought hard for their rights, and they were happy with what they received. But should they be completely happy?

Across the world, women are still looked down upon. One of the easiest places to see this is in the wonderful world of sports. Yes, many women’s sports are popular and are growing in popularity. However, most of their fans ARE women. When will men support their opposites 100%?

Take a look at the WNBA. Attendance numbers rose 1.5% from 2010-2011, and will likely have a steady increase for a while. However, many men, particularly on the forum, laugh and mock the WNBA as a joke and waste of time. Those women play their hearts out each and every game. They play it because they love to play it. If you don’t like to watch them, then don’t watch them. No need to make rude comments about their job or lifestyle.

In a recent thread, many members believed there is no chance that the Baylor women’s team, which recently went 40-0, the only team in history to do so, could even beat a boys high school team. One member even went on to say “I can’t tell if you guys are serious or just trolling. If you think a women’s team can beat any men’s team at the college or high school level.”

Unlike many members, I believe that the Baylor team would be able to beat most male high school teams. Many of them are just as strong and big as high schoolers, and even if they have a height disadvantage, they would be able to hit outside shots and guard well enough inside to pull out the victory. After all, there are some pretty bad high school teams out there.
The women’s soccer team also is a good example. Many people remember their magical run in the women’s FIFA World Cup just a few years ago. Many people gave absolutely no attention to the women before the tournament began, and even in the first few games. However, as the team moved on from round to round, interest began to increase as well. 

Once the team reached the finals, their popularity was as high as ever before, especially among men (Alex Morgan likely had something to do with this…). Were women finally gaining respect from their male counterparts? Guess again. After their loss in penalty kicks, the jokes and mockery of women began once again. They were told to ‘go back to the kitchen, that’s where you belong!’ and other stereotypical remarks that should not be brought back up. Will it ever end?

One particular sport where women seem to thrive is in the world of wrestling. Why is this, you may ask? I think a simple picture will be able to explain to you why. 

Is that what it takes to get a guy to respect a girl? Have her wear basically nothing and fight other women? For some men, that is exactly what it takes. Hey, I guess some respect is better than none, though.

Another visual that many men remember of women in sports is after the US team won the World Cup at the beginning of the millennium. Why is that? Here’s another picture. 

Males need to realize that there are strong, athletic, and physically fit women in the world. While they may not be able to lift a 500 pound barrel doesn’t mean that they are not able to do other things, like shoot a basketball or shoot a soccer ball. They shouldn’t need to wear bikinis to be recognized. Many professional female athletes do outstanding things and should be, and need to be, recognized by men across the world. I know that in some parts of the world women are looked down upon in all aspects of life due to religious beliefs. But in America and many other Western countries, women are considered equal. Now, let’s back up those beliefs by giving women the respect and recognition they deserve.