By Nolan Todas aka HAWKEYESforLIFE


What do I think of my favorite team? Who I think will win it all? Well, it’s a question that might make you think deep and hard. For me, that first question is going to have an answer that depends on individual and team performance. Now, I support the Chicago Cubs, and I think we all know that they’ll never be the best. But I think that eventually, the Cubs will develop. Currently they have a decent pitching rotation, including the hurler from Tampa Bay, Matt Garza, and lots of young talent to work with. Starlin Castro has been solid since his call-up on May 7th back in 2010. And Darwin Barney has been playing great! Also, I think Dale Sveum and Theo Epstein are looking to make a statement for the Cubbies.

Yes, the Cubs suffered a 12 game losing streak, but it was followed by a sweep. When the Cubs get their act together, they are a winning team! But it also requires pitching. And they do have good pitchers, but it’s like they expect the same pitchers to lead the team to wins every year. Maybe it’s time for some new talent! How long have Jeff Samardzija, Ryan Dempster, and Carlos Marmol been around? Almost all of the Cubs new pitching talent is in the Minors. When the organization realizes that it’s time to start fresh on pitching and develop the young players in the roster-they might actually get through the season with more wins than usual and end up in the playoffs for the first time since 2007. I also think that so far, the Cubs Chairman and Managers are thinking more about how they can get more fans to the “Friendly Confines” and what they can do to roll in the cash. They might even be cutting players to earn money for the team. What happened to one of the team’s best-Marlon Byrd? They let him loose for David DeJesus! He has helped the team, but I really think Marlon was the better choice in that situation. Plus, they have really good prospects! Like Dillon Maples and Brett Jackson! But why haven’t they been called up? Well, I’d say it’s either because of money, or the Cubs just want to stick with the players they can rely on to play well but not necessarily do what the team needs it to do. Such as score runs, get on base, etc. If it was the reason involving money, what will you do with the cash? Give it all to the team’s best player and say “Here’s all of our money. Play hard, make us win, and bring in the fans.” Not so sure that will help the team, Theo.


Usually, though, the Cubs aren’t a team that gets win after win early on in the season. When it gets to about July, we might actually see that over time the Cubs are getting more wins than losses. It all depends on choices the team makes and if the players can put their individual talent together and perform as a team, not just get hits to increase their own, personal batting average. It’s a team effort.


Now onto the second proposed question. Who will win it all? It’s really difficult to tell from this early on, but I actually think the Texas Rangers might have a chance. As well as the Tampa Bay Rays. Also, the Baltimore Orioles and the Washington Nationals are contenders. I’m not really sure that the Rays or the Nationals will go that deep into the playoffs, though. Yeah, they are both solid teams that WILL get to the playoffs, but I can guarantee you, those teams can’t handle the 7-game October series. I honestly think that the Orioles might be going far this year. But the team that will take home the Commissioner’s Trophy will be the Texas Rangers. They have been disappointed in the World Series TWICE IN TWO YEARS. Knowing that Nolan Ryan is a part of the organization, I can tell you this. The man is a legend. Legends that join a team’s organization don’t like losing in the World Series. That’s why Nolan isn’t going to blow another opportunity when he has a team like the Rangers. Josh Hamilton is on fire. Yu Darvish is throwing the heat. Ian Kinsler’s flashing the leather. All-in-All, this 2012 Rangers team is looking great. We all remember the games that Texas played hard and well, but lost. But the Texas Rangers aren’t looking back on what DID happen. They’re looking forward to what WILL happen.