By Gregory Sanchez aka Sugarpooper

Although I have not had the privilege to watch some of the cult classic sport films from the 1970s and 1980s, I do however know that some amazing sports movies have been produced in my generation’s time. I personally feel that I would be doing a disservice to all those great movies from the past if I named this list the top five greatest sports movies of all time. So without further ado, here is my take on the top five greatest sports movies of Generation Y!

#5 – Love & Basketball

What better way to start the list off than with a movie that features all the good things in life? Love and Sports. This is one of those films where you meet the main characters from childhood, and watch their lives unfold right before your eyes, in a two hour span. Considering the fact that it was filmed in my hometown of Los Angeles, California this movie really hits home for me. A girl and a boy raised in Southern California and playing sports is something I can definitely relate to. Growing up, playing basketball, experiencing love & lust, these are all beautiful things in life and this film expresses that in a very eloquent way.

#4 – Space Jam

Much like my top pick on this list, the impact this film had on pop culture was unforgettable. A who’s who list of actors like Danny DeVito. With tons of basketball stars in the film and wild Looney Tunes all over the place, This movie attracted plenty of viewers of all demographics. With Michael Jordan playing the main character and the beginning of the story line basically being about his actual life, it was interesting to see it mixed in with funny cartoons. His struggles with his baseball career being shown in the film were also intriguing.

#3 – Radio

I could think of two words off the top of my head that would describe this film perfectly, truly captivating. It shows that sports bring people of all kinds together in unity and peace. It portrays the warmth and honesty in human beings, all the while showing you an awesome football story. With inhumane moments happening every day all over the world, I almost feel films like these are needed to humble people. I feel like they’re needed to teach children that the world can be a nice place, It’s movies like these that keep my mind full of positive vibes and hope for humanity.

#2 – The Sandlot

An epic cult classic that most will never seem to forget. This memorable film brings nostalgic value that is simply irreplaceable. We can all relate to growing up with your neighborhood buddies, running a muck in your town. Summer night adventures, long games of baseball, these are all beautiful memories I’m sure every kid can relate to. This is one of those kid films I’m sure we can all still enjoy to this very day. One thing that stands out for me is the memorable movie scenes in this film such as the barf scene on the roller coaster, or the swimming pool scene. With the main character looking back on his childhood life through vivid memories, it makes for a really great sports film.

#1 – The Mighty Ducks 1, 2 & 3

I might be a little bias here given that I’ve been a die-hard Anaheim Ducks fan since I saw them on my television screen in 1996, But what other sports movie could say they actually inspired a multi-billion dollar company like the Walt Disney company to create and finance a National Hockey League team. To top it all off, the Walt Disney Company ended up owning the Mighty Ducks for an entire twelve years, even reaching the Stanley Cup finals in the 2002-2003 season. The movies are mediocre and a bit cheesy if you try to watch it and you’re not a child anymore, but the impact it had in California and the entire world was most certainly a special one. The original Mighty Ducks logo is a pop culture classic that will be engraved inside of brains for decades to come.

So there you have it, my top five greatest sports movies of my generation! If you haven’t had a chance to watch any of these awesome films, I strongly suggest you check them out!