By Austin Hackenberg akaJimmbob82

In today’s society, people are looking for ways to get around the system of hard work and sacrifice. This ever increasing trend has even carried over into the world of professional sports. The main culprits of this trend: Performance Enhancing Drugs (PEDs) and laziness. PEDs have been in the spotlight of professional sports in the recent years, and have dominated all sports news stations in the recent half year. Although PEDs are mostly known for their use in Major League Baseball, players in other major league sports also have been known to use them.

The Hall of Fame is a sacred place where only the best players of a sport are admitted to so people can remember their legacy and all that they did for the game. All people inducted into the Hall of Fame have been chosen by popular vote which has made getting into the hall of fame even harder. Needing the popular vote makes getting into the Hall of Fame very difficult and a great honor for those that do make it in. But in the end, there is some hall of famers that got a little bit of help in getting the right credentials to win the popular votes. Now, granted this is a very small number but nonetheless, some hall of famers have had help from steroids and other performance enhancing drugs.

Players that have used PEDs to get into the Hall of Fame have taken all the respect and honor out of being a resident of the Hall of Fame. Some may ask “Why do professional sports players use PEDs?” Well, the real blunt truth is that pro sports players have become, somewhat like society, very, very, lazy. That’s right, some players have decided that that they don’t have to work hard or practice for countless hours to become good at what they are paid to do. These “players” (a.k.a. cheaters) decide that they can take some of that ridiculous amount of cash they are paid and take it to buy steroids or other Performance Enhancing Drugs to make them better all the while having to do little to nothing. How would it make you feel if you went to work and worked hard for eight hours and one of your coworkers had a program that that did the work for them but was illegal to use? The feeling that you would get is exactly what all the other pro sports players feel when they have to go up against players using PEDs.

All kids that have played sports have looked up to pro sports players as a person to be like. Back in an earlier day in sports, all kids could look up to pro sports players that were good people who could be respected by all. Nowadays, kids look up to some pro sports player that lie and cheat others. What a great person for today’s kids to look up to! With more players now being known to have used PEDs, this also makes professional sports look worse and worse to the general public who does not follow any type of sports. While most pro sports players have not used PEDs, even the very few that have, have made all good players open to controversy.

Finally, the overall effect is that more and more players are using PEDs to help them achieve greatness without having to put in much work. What does that mean for the Hall of Fame for all professional sports? It means that players will be voted in that have used PEDs and other illegal substances that helped them generate better numbers. PED using players should NEVER be voted into the Hall of Fame no matter what. But the more that are voted in, the more respect and honor that is lost in being a member of the Hall of Fame. After a while the Hall of Fame will become the Hall of Shame, a place that is home to more cheaters than truthful, talented, players. But at a time where it looks like all hope is lost there are still programs that are helping put an end to PED users. These programs are slowly accomplishing their goal but the damage might already be done. In all, it will take time to see if the Hall of Fame will still be the Hall of Fame or if it will slowly become the Hall of Shame.