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13 Questions with a Sports Card Photo Editor

by Drew Pelto aka *censored*

Back in January I was incredibly frustrated. I was the play by play broadcaster for a junior hockey team. While I figured it was the first step in landing my dream job, I felt like I was going nowhere. The team I was working for was on its way to missing the playoffs for the third time in four seasons, I was having problems with some fans who made it no secret that they wanted me out of my job, and I just wasn’t enjoying it anymore.

In February, I applied for a photo editor job with More >

Dark Sky, Dark Water, A Dark Night

By Drew Pelto aka *censored*

Twenty years ago, my view of baseball– and life as a whole– changed forever.

On the morning of March 23, 1993, I woke up, had an Eggo waffle with cinnamon and sugar sprinkled on it, and prepared to enter another day of the hell known as third grade. Sitting on the couch in my living room in the far-east Cleveland suburb of Painesville, Dan Patrick delivered the morning’s sports news. Baseball season was only a few weeks away as I started my first Little League practices. My Cleveland Indians were still in the middle of a lengthy More >

If I Were NCAA Dictator: A College Football Playoff System

by Drew Pelto, AKA *censored*

Every year or two, something comes along to make the nation scream for a college football playoff system. In 1997, it was the National Championship being shared between Nebraska and Michigan, which led to the adoption of the BCS. In 2006-07, it was Boise State shocking Oklahoma. 2008-09 was Utah beating Alabama, a year after West Virginia took down Oklahoma. And in 2012-13, it was Louisville taking Florida to the woodshed.

While it’s all well and good that the NCAA has agreed to start using a four-team playoff, to me that’s not good enough. As we saw More >


Hounding in the heat

by Drew Pelto, AKA *censored*

“Sometimes these things they are so easy,

Sometimes these things they are so cold,

Sometimes these things just seem to rip you right in two

Hold on man, don’t let ‘em get to you.”

– Izzy Stradlin, “Dust ‘N Bones”

Okay, so it wasn’t cold– quite the opposite actually. But it certainly wasn’t easy, and I sometimes felt like I was going to get ripped in two by the crowd.

For the fourth year in a row, the autograph hounding circuit brought me down to Frisco, TX on a hot summer afternoon for the Reebok Heroes Foundation Celebrity Baseball Game. Each year, More >

I'd rather draft her. Hellooooooo Nurse!

I Feel a Draft

by Drew Pelto aka *censored*

As a Cleveland native, I really don’t have a whole lot to live for in the sports world. The Browns are perennial cellar dwellers, the Indians don’t have the financial ability in MLB’s broken system to do much more than build for a big run every four years before blowing it up and starting again, and the Cavs are still a couple years away from contention with the additions of Irving, Thompson, and whoever they get in the next couple of drafts.

But the NFL Draft is our one Sports Christmas moment. It’s the one time where hope More >