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If I Were NCAA Dictator: A College Football Playoff System

by Drew Pelto, AKA *censored*

Every year or two, something comes along to make the nation scream for a college football playoff system. In 1997, it was the National Championship being shared between Nebraska and Michigan, which led to the adoption of the BCS. In 2006-07, it was Boise State shocking Oklahoma. 2008-09 was Utah beating Alabama, a year after West Virginia took down Oklahoma. And in 2012-13, it was Louisville taking Florida to the woodshed.

While it’s all well and good that the NCAA has agreed to start using a four-team playoff, to me that’s not good enough. As we saw More >

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Being a Kid at Heart

By John Holzapfel aka jna1488

Can you remember the moment in your life when you became a sports fan? I was thinking about this the other day, and a flood of memories filled my mind about some of the happiest times in my life growing up and they all revolved around sports and sports cards. I am in my 30s now and still find myself acting like a little kid when I watch my favorite team on TV. I’ll throw a temper tantrum when my team is losing and gloat when they are winning. When I open a box of cards, More >