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What is Your Childhood Worth?

By Tyson Michie aka Wickabee

I collect hockey cards. Do you want to see my favourite one? Here it is.

That’s a 1991-92 Pro Set #531 Niklas Lidstrom Rookie Card. It’s not worth much; the book value is $1.00, and it’s not a team or player I particularly like. I mean, I like Lidstrom, he’s the only guy in my mind who comes close to Bobby Orr in terms of best NHL defensemen, but he played for the Wings and just isn’t a guy I would collect. More than that, I have cards worth much more than a dollar in my collection. More >

Make Collecting Fun Again

By Pat Murphy aka yankeesfan1324

It seems like there is always a pattern in collecting. Buy a box or case, get half of what you bought the box for in cards, and repeat. Even if you don’t care about the value of your cards, it is disappointing knowing that you could have bought the contents of your box and saved a whole lot of money. It seems like it is almost impossible to have fun collecting without losing lots of money. All you need to do is think outside the box.

- Collect a new player

Find a young player that doesn’t have More >

Come On You Gunners!

By Anthony Christiana aka anthony

And it’s Arsenal, Arsenal FC! We’re by far the greatest team the world has ever seen.” This is one of many famous chants that I have sung over the years from my living room. Following a European soccer team living in the United States is not an easy thing. We all know about the exposure of soccer here in the states. The popularity has grown in the past years but it is nowhere near the leagues played in the rest of the world. Don’t even get me started about the skills that the players have compared More >

Student Athletes

By Richard Heaton aka zanderlex

Currently, there is a huge debate on whether or not Student Athletes should be paid for participating in N.C.A.A. sporting events. There are some who believe that an athletic scholarship is all that a student needs while there are others who say that an athletic scholarship is nothing compared to how much money the N.C.A.A. pulls in each year per student.

During the final few days of September 2013, EA Sports and another sports licensing company settled with Student Athletes, which leaves the N.C.A.A. defending itself on its own. Because of this, drastic changes will begin all More >


Beware of the New Type of Printing

Beware of the New Type of Printing By Guy Mitchell aka sweetg1

The technology continues to improve. We went from rotary dial phones to push button phones. From there, the technology went to cell phones to where the smart phone is today. Technology is great, right? It’s what pays the bills in my household, as I work for a technology company in innovation. For the card hobby, we’ve seen the technology, as the industry went from the old, thin cardboard stock in the 40s and 50s to Upper Deck changing the game in 1989. From there, the industry went to the More >

Anyone Trading a Mickey Mantle RC for……

By James Friedman aka JFried1029

I need to begin by saying that when I was a kid, my family never had a dog. I suppose this was largely due to my brother’s allergies, but I don’t think this was necessarily the only reason. I don’t think my parents were big into pets.

My first wife was a big dog lover, but she realized that my obsessive-compulsiveness would never allow me to have dogs in the house and be at peace.

When I married my second wife, the kids wanted dogs and we went through four who either died, ran off, or were given More >