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Anyone Remember When this Was Just a Hobby?

By Kelly Burrington aka yazfan71

Well, I sure do and I miss those days. I miss the times when my friends and I would go around and collect pop bottles for the refund so we could go buy packs of cards and a bottle of pop. We’d sit down outside on the curb and rip open our packs and you’d hear a half dozen kids in harmony saying “need em, need em, got em, need em, got em….” Then the trading would commence….

“Hey, I’ll give you a Lou Brock & a Goose Gossage for that Pete Rose & Dave Concepcion?” “Nah, More >


The Right Choice

By TrueIrishFan616 aka Noah Foreman

Thanks to ESPN, the sports nation was given a glimpse into the new uniform that Notre Dame showcased for the first time in school history. The newly donned “Shamrock Series” uniform brought many Notre Dame faithful either to their feet in jubilation, or to their knees in prayer. Many love, and are embracing the change. While others have been shouting via blogs and twitter for the traditionally bland Notre Dame style to stay the same. No matter how one may see the uniforms, the new “Shamrock Series” uniforms are a huge leap in the new direction More >