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60 Years of Topps Baseball: A Countdown

By Drew Pelto, AKA *censored*

Baseball cards are an American institution, almost as old as the game itself. And while they weren’t the inventors of it, no single company represents the history of the hobby better than Topps. They kicked off the revolution in 1952 that made cards into what we see today, and they’re still cranking out cards to this day. They pioneered all sorts of ideas in the industry– the good (adding stats to cards, using color photos instead of water color paintings, buying cards and getting gum as bonus instead of the other way around), and the bad More >


This Moment Changed the Way I See Card Collecting

By Wayne Rogers aka redskinfanva

When I was a kid in elementary school we would walk to school every day. Riding a bus was uncommon back then. There was a 7-eleven close to our school so myself and usually 2 of my buddies would walk there before and after class just about every day. My buddies went to buy gum and sell it when they got to school. I used my money to purchase Topps football cards because I liked football and as a bonus I got that nice tasty powdered brick-like gum. Once you got the gum to soften up More >

Wake up the Echoes!!!

By Noah Foreman aka TrueIrishFan616

I decided to write about an event that changed the way I look at sports. I grew up in a small town about 15 miles east of South Bend, IN called Elkhart. My late father raised me to do 1 of 2 things: Play football for Notre Dame or play basketball for Notre Dame. There were no other options good enough for my dad. Being from Indiana and having a father that loved sports, I was taught at a very early age how to throw the perfect spiral and shoot the perfect jump shot. It turned More >