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Will They or Won’t They?

By Brett Johnson aka Chargerfan46

I have been an NFL junky all of my life and this is the worst possible thing to happen all the way around. Unfortunately the true underlying motive is GREED! Both sides are guilty of this. The players want a bigger piece of the pie while the owners want to keep it. My take from both sides is as follows:

The players do not want to play an 18 game season and I do not blame them for that. The wear and tear on their bodies is great enough without adding two more games. I would be More >

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If I Were King of Sports Card Forum…

By Kevin Ransom aka Spoodini

I believe that many people are often afraid to answer these tough questions on what they would do if they were in charge of and would shy away from them. I, on the other hand, am not afraid because I know first-hand how the staff members on Sports Card Forum work and believe that my opinions may speak for others on the website. I would like to start by saying that if you agree or disagree with these opinions, please let that be known by posting in the comments section of this blog or on the More >

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Baseball Rookie Card Collecting Is Confusing

By Richard Mock aka Paintball

I have noticed since I started trying to keep my three sons’ baseball and football rookie card collection current that most sellers list a baseball player’s first year card as a player’s rookie card when listing the card for sale on eBay. It also seems to me that these cards bring a higher price than the player’s card with the Rookie Card logo. I have also noticed that these cards have the player in a major league team’s uniform even though he is still in the minors. This is very confusing to baseball rookie card collectors. More >


A Helpful Artist

By Karine Hains

I have written in the past about Tim Carroll, a very talented artist who uses base cards and turns them into art pieces. In the past, he has made many splendid pieces including ones of Ken Griffey Jr., Mickey Mantle and Joe Nammath. He is currently auctioning the latter to help the relief effort in Smithville Mississippi following the tornadoes. All of the money he makes from selling this piece will be donated to the relief effort. Should you wish to make a bid, here is the auction:


I’m King and You’re not!

By Alan Chen aka RiceBondsMntna2Rice

If I were king of the world, I’d have hordes of beautiful women feeding me grapes and basically waiting on me hand and foot. But before you cry “chauvinist!” I’d probably want the inverse if I were female, i.e. droves of men fire dancing and giving me pedicures, each sporting washboard stomachs. My shallowness transcends gender and good taste. Wait, what’s the question again? What if I were king of SCF? Tell you what; I’m going to have to go with the fronds and pedicures because, after all, Sports Card Forum IS my world. Not cool? More >

Enshrined – Is it Gold or Just Shiny

By Linda Mankefors aka Razzamaztaz

ITG’s new flagship Enshrined which is now on the horizon has risen more than a few eyebrows, most in sheer anticipation and joy, some in scepticism when the retail price has been announced.

An all Hall of Fame checklist makes it unique in its kind. We’ve seen old timer products, 06-07 Parkhurst and 08-09 Masterpieces come to mind, but none of them contains 100% HoFers. With a new concept, new design and their most luxury product yet to date, I felt it was time to ask Dr. Price a few questions on his new creation.


The base card More >