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Big Collectors

By Cherie Mullohan aka Tradinpaint

What is a big collector? Is it having a lot of cards? WHAT does this mean?  The way things are now most people would say someone who has a whole bunch of game used relics and autographs. Is that really what it is about? These are fun but what about all of your favorite person’s base cards?  I think a super card collector is someone who either makes a full base set and has some relics and autos or they collect certain base and have relics and autographs. Personally, I have a lot of base and More >

Different Looks on Collecting

By Cherie Mollohan aka Tradinpaint

It seems like forever ago that we’ve had trading cards. Kids got cards and went to school the next day sitting in the hall just waiting to trade. Now I look and all I see is people going after the big stuff, big money, and eBay. Have the trading card makers gone too far? Maybe the expanded so-and-so many card set is just to make more money. How many parallels can you have of one card? Why aren’t there just 50 cards in a set and say 5 autos and 5 game-used cards? I enjoy going More >

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