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2008 NHL Upper Deck Black

By Karine Hains, Editor-In-Chief


In yet another high end release, Upper Deck recently launched Black. With great designs, the cards look incredibly smooth and slick. As with any high priced product, the checklist includes plenty of memorabilia and autographs. On most cards, the dominant color is black and depending on the insert set of the cards you pull various colors complete the effect. Even the outer packaging of this release says high end; with a black box, complimented by a golden seal and two mini-boxes sealed on the inside it will take you a while to get to the actual cards.

Box More >

A New Season is Upon us

Guest article by Garnett_21

It’s this time of the year again, the 2008-09 season is fast approaching. Let’s take a look back at the off-season and look ahead to what we should expect this year in the National Basketball  Association (NBA).

In June 2008, we saw the Boston Celtics, who had acquired all-star Ray Allen and former MVP Kevin Garnett, as well as already having all-star Paul Pierce in their line-up; win their first title in 22 years. They had a tough road to the championship, playing a full seven game series against the Atlanta Hawks and the Cleveland Cavaliers, a six More >

2008 Press Pass Legends Football Card Product Review

Guest article by Brads55

The three mini boxes included in the master box were really neat as they featured three different players on each box. I was really looking forward the arrival of this box as I loved the idea of having a box composed of strictly rookies, retired veterans, and future hall of famers (HOF) all in their school uniforms. Once you break through the plastic wrap around each mini box you find six packs with five cards in each pack. You can feel the excitement in the air as the first old school/new school pack is opened.


To be honest the More >

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2008 Bowman Sterling Football Card Product Review

 Guest article by Brads55

The box itself was a little deceiving, all awkward looking as if it might have been damaged in shipping…. But once you bust the plastic and flip the top open you spot these interesting 6 individual packs within the box causing the outer box to look distorted….. The growing suspense of opening the wrapper of the box and then the individually wrapped mini boxes and a sealed pack inside of them to get to the cards is almost too much anticipation to handle … but every second was worth the wait!


Every card in the set is made More >

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Hockey Fever: Then & Now

Guest article by Hockeygrampy

Well, I realize that today, many of the current hockey card enthusiasts are probably youngsters!  And believe me, that’s a good thing!  I know that it was when I was a youngster growing up in the Boston area!  My dad, who was a hard-working laborer in those days, struggled to take care of his family.  He would shop at the famous Boston “open air” discount market in the North End a couple of times each month and always looked for bargains in the local supermarkets.  This is what he did to help make ends-meet.

But because dad was born More >

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What is a Group Break?

Guest article by Broscards

One of the newest ways to get connected with like minded collectors is the “group break”. In group breaks, a number of collectors all put money towards a number of boxes from any given sport. The boxes are busted either live on a site like, or recorded on a site like Then, all the cards are shipped out to members who participated in the break.

There are several different styles of group breaks being applied to all sports and all brands. If a group decides on a “high end” product like National Treasures for example, they More >