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Pull of a Lifetime

Article by Karine Hains, Editor-In-Chief

For collectors, there are many reasons to buy packs or boxes of cards. The main one is needless to say to improve their collection but there is also an underlying gamble related to buying them. After all, when you buy a box, you have no idea what it could yield and personally, every time I bust one I have goose bumps and I dream of an awesome pull. If you are very lucky, one day, you will be rewarded with what can only be called as a pull of a lifetime. This is exactly what happened More >

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Player Collecting on a Budget

Guest article by Tyler Glover (Broscards)

Hello, my name is Tyler, and I’m a player collector on a budget. How many of you are in my shoes? Being a player collector in today’s hobby is harder than ever. Long gone are the days of three sets a year. Long gone are the days of a player having, maybe 20 rookies.  Take my personal addiction for example, Robert Meachem had 1222 rookie cards produced (including printing plates) before he ever caught a pass in a game! From 1 of 1′s, to autographs, to game used, to short prints it seems like my More >

This Season in Major League Baseball

  Guest Article by Gladdyontherise 

This past baseball season has been like most other season; it’s had its ups and its downs. We’ve seen things ranging from a cancer survivor (Jon Lester) throwing a no-hitter in Fenway Park to low points like the Roger Clemens steroid scandal blowing up in the media.

Yes, this is our baseball season, you have to love it! However, let’s start at the beginning. According to the experts, there were a select few teams which were given a chance at winning the World Series. They were: the Detroit Tigers, New York Yankees, Boston Red Sox, New York Mets, More >

SCF’s TOTM and MOTM for September

By Karine Hains, Editor-in-Chief

For the month of September, Sports Card Forum is proud to announce that our Trader of the Month (TOTM) award goes to randallcards and our Member of the Month award (MOTM) has been given to Trucker. These special mentions are awarded each month to highlight the member who made the most trades (TOTM) and to turn the spotlight on a member who made an outstanding contribution to the SCF community.

With 117 eligible trades in the month, randallcards, Michael Randall, earned himself the TOTM title.

Michael spends on average 8 hours a week on trade talks, which means that he More >

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Collecting Trends

By Karine Hains, Editor-In-Chief

When I first started collecting at the venerable age of 6, everyone was collecting in the same way. We were all building sets because that was all there was, you opened a pack and you were over the moon to get a base card of your favorite player. Nowadays, this is just not enough anymore.

The consequence? Many inserts, a multitude of sets with numerous parallel versions and an avalanche of game used (GU) /autograph cards. How did we collector react to all these options? What do we collect now? Intrigued to find out, I made a poll More >

Collecting Swedish Style

Guest article by Le’Andre 

 On September 28th my brother and I attended an annual Swedish collectors show. It was held in an area called Nacka in south central Stockholm, focusing mainly on hockey cards from the NHL and the Swedish Elitserien. There are three shows being held in Stockholm Sweden the biggest one being in late October. There will be a few shows in Finland and most probably in other Scandinavian countries. The people behind this show are called “The Card Cabinet” and they are the leading Swedish company in hockey cards and memorabilia.

As soon as we stepped into the room More >