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Retail vs. Hobby Packs

Guest article by gosens151911

A main concern of mine about the card industry is how they prey on card collectors from young to old with retail packs. These are the packs you end up buying at your local Wal-Mart, Target, dollar store etc. They may come in blister packs (usually 2-3 packs packaged together), or individually, sold from an opened retail box. These packs are somewhat cheaper than their hobby counterparts. However, one should know that the odds of pulling anything good from them are very low or nonexistent, when compared to the hobby version. This is why you will usually More >

Player Collectors Unite!

Guest article by Inferno

As many SCF members know, at least the ones who roam the Hockey boards, I am a dedicated Marian Gaborik collector. I have only been collecting Gaborik for maybe five months now, but my collection has been steadily improving. In a big way, the driving force behind the growth of my collection has been the help from fellow Gaborik collectors. Yes that’s right, other Gaborik collectors.

It all started for me back in April. After a lengthy absence from the hobby I decided to get back into card collecting, choosing the star winger from the Minnesota Wild as More >

Personal Product Review: 2007/08 Bowman Draft Picks & Stars

Break and review by RenegadeLonghorn

Product Description & Highlights: 18 packs per box, 6 cards per pack Price was $42

CONTENT HIGHLIGHTS * 2 brands in 1 pack – Bowman & Bowman Chrome! * 1 Bowman Chrome autographed rookie in every box! * 2 Bowman Relic cards per box! * 2 Bowman Chrome Refractor parallels numbered to 299 or less per box! * 2 Bowman Chrome cards per pack! * 1 Hot Box per hobby case!

PRODUCT BREAKDOWN Bowman Base Cards – 4 per pack * Veterans (110) * Rookies (50) – Seq. #’d to 2999

Parallel Cards * Hobby Exclusive! Bowman Chrome SuperFractor (160) – Each More >

Spoodini’s Personal Allen & Ginter Review

  This is my first personal review you may have read me in other reviews such as SCF’s 2008 Bowman review. I bought this box myself and might be putting together at least one set out of the many mini sets, especially if I can buy another box. Anyway, on with the review!

2008 Topps Allen & Ginter Baseball

24 Packs per box/8 Cards per pack

Hobby box contents on average are:

  • Two Autographed, Relic, Printing Plate or Allen & Ginter Original Cards Per Box!
  • One Hobby Exclusive N43 or Cabinet Card per Box!
  • One HOBBY EXCLUSIVE Rip Card per Case!
  • *NEW! The Ginter Code – Collectors More >

The Hobby Online

By Karine Hains,  Editor-in-Chief 

Isn’t it great to live in the 21st century and to be able to use all the technology which is at our fingertips in our collecting endeavors? You want to know the value of a card? There’s no need to go out and get a magazine. You want to buy a box? There’s no need to go to a hobby shop. You want to trade cards? Well I suppose you could meet up with friends and try to work out some trades but what if your friends don’t collect? That’s right you can do all these things More >

View from a New Collector

  Guest article by gosens151911

  Six months ago, I started collecting cards, hockey cards to be exact as an actual hobby. However, I first got interested many years ago. As young six year old kids we all had our own small collection of cards, several dozen base cards with a few inserts. Then, the value of the cards meant nothing to us it was all about the player and team. Living in Ottawa, the most popular cards at the time were any Ottawa Senators closely followed by the Anaheim Mighty Ducks (hey their logo was extremely cool to kids!) and any goaltender More >