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Impact of Rookie Cards

Throughout the years, most every sport that produces sports cards always have the one star rookie that is hyped up and everyone wants to go after it. However is this getting a little out of hand?

It seems that the card companies are over stepping what the card collectors once held special to the collecting aspects like jersey cards or autographed cards, but are they now ruining the thrill of pulling rookies out of packs?

You can find so many people that spend these 100′s of dollars on high-end products that are featured around rookie’s autographs and they always talk down on More >

The NFL Draft and Sport Cards

This is the first year in which football cards have came out before the NFL draft, and it seems that the collectors love this more than you could possibly imagine. But why do they get this excitement? Sure you see your favorite college stars first printed cards out on the market, but are they falling trap to all the card companies?

The companies maybe will start to pick up the fact that there is a higher demand before the draft because football begins to be talked about a lot more often than they usually would.

So collectors go and purchase these boxes More >

Autograph & Jersey Cards

Remember back in the day when there was no such thing as jersey cards and autographed cards? I personally don’t, since I started to collect in the new millennium when they had started to come out with these types of cards. Why do people love these so much though? Is it the type of look they have, the design, or what? To me it seems there’s only one thing people seem to like in these cards, the MONEY.

Myself, I still enjoy pulling base and inserts out of packs. When I get my favorite players I’m actually really happy about it. More >