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Five Ways to get the Most Bang for Your Buck

By Kevin Lee aka gosens151911

5. Watch E-Bay for Steals eBay is a buyer’s greatest resource. If you can, make sure you use it. Search daily for popular player names and see what auctions are ending soon. You will usually be able to find steals daily, with many cards ending at prices well under book value. This is a great way to pick up cards for your trade list. Remember to try and avoid bidding wars and only submit your max bid in the final minute or so if possible. Also, don’t forget to take shipping into account, it’s not a steal More >

A Look at the Sophomores

By Kevin Lee aka gosens151911

Writer’s Note: Stats are accurate as of Nov 19, 2009

There were many great rookies in the 2008-09 season, many of which surpassed expectations. However, come their sophomore (2nd) season, most are unable to follow up their rookie season with success, with many appearing to be worse than the season before. This of course has a direct effect on the values of these players’ cards. Collectors are picky that way, it’s what have you done for me lately. Approximately a quarter way into this NHL season, let’s take a look at how several of the big name More >

Five Hockey Players to Watch in 2009/10

By Kevin Lee aka gosens151911

With the 2008/09 season finished and the 2009/10 one quickly approaching, it’s once again time for collectors to start watching the fluctuation of card values begin. The 2009/10 season is important for many players to either solidify their place as NHL stars or become the fateful draft bust. Many collectors will definitely be watching many players closely. Here are five players whose upcoming season will no doubt have the biggest impact on their card values.

5. Justin Pogge Pogge had already been named the goalie of the future for the Leafs before even playing a single NHL game. More >

Collecting Cards No Longer for Kids

By Kevin Lee aka gosens151911

Back in the ‘70s to ‘90s one of the most popular activities of choice for kids was collecting sports cards. The majority of card packs that existed only cost at most a buck or two at most and had very few, or no, autos and jerseys. It was an easy hobby, very simple for kids to jump into. However, has the current state of the hobby made it difficult for kids to join the hobby? I believe so. Here are my top 5 reasons as to why collecting cards are no longer for kids.

5. Introduction of More >

Investing in Last Place

By Kevin Lee aka gosens151911

The NHL Draft is a huge event for collectors, determining which teams will be drafting potential future stars and thus possibly attracting more hobby love in the near future. The most recent NHL Draft was one of the most exciting yet, with two young prospects who both had huge potential and a shot at being drafted first overall. They were John Tavares and Victor Hedman. In the end, the New York Islanders decided to use their first pick to select Tavares, with the Tampa Bay Lighting left with Hedman. These two picks may have just made More >

Defending the Price Guide

By Kevin Lee aka gosens151911

It has become one of the most discussed and probably hated issues discussed by many members of the sports card community: the price guide. However, is all the criticism received by price guides really justified? In my opinion, I do not believe so. Price guides are essential to the hobby, especially to newcomers who usually will have no clue to what cards are valuable or worthless.

The biggest issue I have is how the price guide itself is used. Most price guides usually provide a range, with a LO column, representing the lowest price one could expect More >