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A New Year’s Day (observed) Afternoon in Sports

By Andrew Harner aka Intelliracer

While New Year’s Day is typically one of the best sports days of the year, it had to wait until Monday, Jan. 2, 2012. But it was worth the wait until the calendar’s read “New Year’s Day (observed).”

A true sports nut’s remote control might not think the slate of games was so great, but the day had plenty of highlights to satisfy a fan’s hunger.

Take a journey from a guy with a day off of work, who just happened to catch as many moments from all the day’s action as he could.

*The day started off with More >

Changing of the guard

For our regular readers,

I am sure you have seen many of my articles with this byline:

By: Andrew Harner, Editor-in-Chief

Well with my increased workload as assistant sports editor at my college newspaper, The BG News, and the recent coupling of SCF, the SCF Writing Team and Tuff Stuff, I have no choice but to give the major responsibilities of the writing team to someone else.

Tuff Stuff is incorporating many new things with the Writing Team and there doesn’t appear to be any way that I can keep up with that, Cardboard Mania, my work at the school paper and homework all More >

Spare me the glitz and glamor

By: Andrew Harner, Editor-in-Chief

The baseball card market has seen many revolutions throughout its recent history: company expansion in 1981, the secondary set era of the early to mid 1990s, the relic and autograph movement of the late 1990s, the legends era of the early 2000s and now the historical and celebrity card era of the late 2000s. The latter becoming a big issue (and an annoyance) to collectors.

Why is that you ask? Simply put, many of the most anticipated releases of 2008 baseball cards have included some sort of historical figures or celebrities instead of strictly baseball players. Enough inserts More >

Product Preview: 2008 Upper Deck Baseball Heroes

Preview by Andrew Harner, Editor-in-Chief

Upper Deck thought they were revitalizing one of the original inserts the company produced by producing a full set of Upper Deck Baseball Heroes. However, they have created a player collector’s nightmare.

With 10 colored parallels of the entire 200 card base set, player collectors and team collectors will be going bananas trying to get all the cards of their favorite player/team. Collectors of player’s like Ichiro who has cards in the single,dual, triple and quad heroes parts of the set will especially feel the parallel pain.

Not only that, the four hits in each box are bound More >

Product Preview: 2008 Score Football

Preview by Andrew Harner, Editor-in-Chief

Returning for its 20th anniversary, 2008 Score football brings back some of the traditional inserts and parallels from the past few years as well as introducing some new aspects that will especially please younger collectors.

Surprisingly, there is no announced 20th anniversary set or parallel.

Always seen as one of the most affordable products each year, Score is a 7 card, $0.99 pack in 2008. That single pack should include one rookie, one Glossy parallels and at least one other insert or parallel.

However, Donruss has also inroduced two Donruss Decal setsto help market Score to the younger collectors. More >

Product Preview: 2008 Donruss Threads Football

Preview by Andrew Harner, Editor-in-Chief

Like always, Donruss Threads is one of those products that comes out just as the preseason is about to begin when collectors start getting hungry for new football cards and rookie cards featuring player’s in their NFL uniforms.

This year’s release is bound to be just what collectors need from Donruss with 150 veterans in the base set and 75 numbered rookies in their NFL jerseys. The product also includes many hits, inserts and opportuities at higher end autographs and relics in every box.

Threads is bringing back some of the sets its known for including Gridiron Kings, More >