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Why I Still Collect

By Richard Perkins aka papaperk

My son was four years old, my daughter was 6, when we attended our first baseball game as a dad out with his kids. Team USA was playing Canada in Louisville KY. We had a blast. Team USA won and I would like to think it was all because of our chants of “We want a pitcher, not a belly itcher”, “Hey batter, batter, batter, sswwiinngg!” and “Hey Ump, clean your glasses”!

After the game fans swarmed the wall looking for a chance to get an autograph from the next big phenom. My kids and I went More >


The “Not” so Big Next Thing

By Barry Hren aka Wolf1bh

Each year, the trading card world foists upon us the latest and greatest innovations to the hobby. What started out as a few short printed cards, then serial numbered and autographed inserts, has morphed into articles of clothing, pieces of equipment, and even human hair and fossilized bones. The latest hot new things include shadowbox cards, 14k gold plated ones and even mini videos. While I am sure we will all be surprised by what comes next, here are a few ideas of what we probably WON’T be seeing anytime soon in the hockey card industry.

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