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Why I Bleed Blue…A True Story

By Jody Yarborough aka Mrjobe85

I would like to start this story out in the year of 1991 around about the time of the 1991 NCAA Men’s Final Four. I was 6 years old at the time and was sitting down to watch the Duke and UNLV Semi-Finals game with my dad. Before we get deep into this story, I would like to say that since the day I was old enough to know what basketball was I have been a Duke fan. Why Duke you ask? That was my dad’s team and my granddad’s team while everyone on my mom’s More >

My Formative Years

By Michael Roche aka DiebytheCubs

This Sunday, I will be turning 20 years old. Unfortunately, birthdays now are not the momentous occasions they were when I was younger. Each year, the presents now get blander and I am less excited to grow up. While a pack of socks may make a good present this year, years ago that would never have been the case. When I was younger, I would get excited for a Hot Wheels track or Super Soaker. Those toys were fun, but they rarely lasted. Thirteen years ago though, I was given my best birthday present ever, my More >

Listed as a 1/1 because his jersey number is 21

Sports Card Collecting…A Love-Hate Relationship


By Jody Yarborough aka Mrjobe85


Listed as a 1/1 because his jersey number is 21

I have been collecting sports cards for over twenty years now and I still enjoy it just as much as I did when I was five years old. I still go to the hobby shop on the weekend and shoot the breeze with the owner and I still watch eBay for hours at a time in hopes of getting that last second bid in on that certain card that I have been watching for a week. Heck even when I go to Wal-Mart for grocery shopping you More >