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NHL 2008-2009 O-Pee-Chee Product Review

By Karine Hains,  Editor-In-Chief


Normally, I tend to stick to higher end products I don’t know why but I just do. A week and a half ago however, I felt like busting a box just for the fun of opening packs. Looking at what was currently available; I decided to go for a box of 08-09 O-Pee-Chee. Truth be told, I’m glad I did…as soon as I removed the plastic wrapper from the box and opened it I was exposed to a sheer blast from the past. Looking at the plastic like pack wrappers, I felt like I had gone back More >

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Legends in Green: Two Quarterbacks, Two New Teams

Guest article by Deesto

Brett Favre’s football heroics are well-documented, legendary, and numerous.  And with the 2008 NFL season, Favre looks to relocate the ending of his storied career to a new town: by bringing Favre to New York, the Jets hope to build their own tradition to rival that of Lambeau Field in Green Bay.

In the move to New York, Favre replaces incumbent Jets’ quarterback Chad Pennington, who, despite successful seasons, playoff appearances, and an all-time leading completion percentage with a mediocre team, was expected to battle Kellen Clemens once again for the Jets’ starting job.  In a concerted effort More >

Smart Collecting

Guest article by Affordablecards

There used to be a commonly accepted principle in the sports trading card business, “dealers buy cold and sell hot”. This stems from the days when three manufacturers meant three sets, and when a dealer had everything from the current year, the dealer simply bought cards released the previous year and so on until he had everything. The affordable way to get more of everything was to buy cold and stock up.

Those days are long gone. In the era of the novelty card, 1 of 1′s, jersey and autographed cards, a company with unlimited financial resources still More >

Potential Stars

Guest article by 6boyds

Every player starts out as a rookie.  No matter how the player gets into the league, they have to start off somewhere. Some, of course, play better than others. This year’s crop of rookies is no different, as we’ve had a mixture of successes and disappointments throughout the first part of this year’s season.

 For card collectors everywhere, it’s hard to decide how to go about collecting rookies.  There is no possible way to gauge how consistently a player will perform in the NFL, so collectors find their own unique ways to choose how they go about collecting More >

NFL Watch List

Guest article by Jagsfan92

This National Football League’s (NFL) season has been filled with tons of surprises and so far one of the biggest is the impact that the 2008 draft class has had. This group of rookies has had a lot of success to date in the NFL and that has certainly drawn the interest of many in the hobby. Here is a look at many of the top rookies so far and the impact they are having in the hobby.

Quarterback isn’t a position where rookies usually make an immediate impact but this season; they have defied the odds. Matt More >

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The Goal

Guest article by Hockeygrampy

The year was 1970…were you even born yet?  I would suggest that many of you were not… Gasoline was just $0.36 cents a gallon, a first class stamp was $0.06 cents, you could buy a dozen eggs for $0.62 cents while a gallon of milk was $1.15!  The president of the United States was Richard M. Nixon and the Dow-Jones average was at 842.

Well, I was a tender 27 years old in 1970, married with no children yet, but my wife was expecting our first child in September.  She was working as a book keeper in Boston More >