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By Linda Mankefors aka razzamaztaz

Each year the release of the Cup always baffle us, by its charm, beauty, mega-hits, extremely expensive cost, and finally its problems. It’s a product you absolutely love, but with a distinct grudge. This year I’ve noticed Upper Deck has gone to great lengths to avoid damages, reading all box breaks and talking with fellow collectors the issue with damaged patch cards seems to be a thing of the past. But single white patches and a poor collation still hunts us somewhat.

This article will be about the collation. Upper Deck takes pride in hand-picking the cards More >

Is the Hockey Card Hobby Healthy?

Or is it twirling into its unavoidable doom? It may seem real healthy despite the worst financial global crisis since 1930’s, despite collapsing economies, despite layoffs and desperate people with no help in sight. But the hockey card products keep on selling.

That in itself should be a great proof the hockey card products are healthy, alive and foolproof of financial collapses. That, my friends, is smoke and mirrors. Some of us said already seven to eight years ago that the game-used craziness would lead the hobby to its grave within a decade, but the years after 2004’s lockout have been More >

Where is the kindness?

Whenever we can, we all brag about our so-called “steals”. Here on SCF we even have a contest called “eBay steal of the week”, where we vote on the best steal.

There is nothing wrong with boosting about a bargain we can find bargains in a store as well as online. If the seller has done a mistype, chooses to end the auction early morning, or put the card in the wrong category, well it’s lucky for whoever picks it up at a dirt cheap price. Sometimes it’s down to plain luck, that particular day maybe the interest in a special More >

The Right Pickups Before the NHL Playoffs

By Linda Mankefors aka RazzamaztazWith the playoffs approaching now is the time to buy if you belong to those who want to make a little cash for your hobby, or simply pick up a player cheaper than in two months.

The simple and obvious choices can be made by anyone. Malkin, Crosby, Ovechkin, and a bunch of Red Wings can be expected to hit new soaring heights, but they’re kind of boring choices aren’t they? Ovechkin or Malkin will likely wander off with the Hart as well, so it’s a good pickup, but if you’re the more daring kind, even brave, More >

Upper Deck’s Insult to Collectors

By Linda Mankefors 

In the land of “hockey plenty” products come and go. Each month we see not only one but often two (or more) products released. This should be exciting, but when Upper Deck and ITG continue to release the same brands with little or no visual update at all, it gets incredibly boring.

Not only does the same brand look virtually the same every year, perhaps not too surprising, but a certain design (like quad jerseys) go through each brand like a red thread, thus creating little differences between each brand.

Thus it’s a joy when a completely new brand is More >

The World of Autographs – not as Easy as it Seems

By Linda Mankefors

There are a lot of us who collect so-called in person autographs. Non-certified autos obtained in person or by mail, or simply traded for or bought. But unless you stand there yourself in front of the athlete, is it possible to do that anymore and know you that you are getting an authentic autograph?

Why would anyone even bother dealing with this hobby when there are tons of certified autographs available? Well, there’s the hunt. Collecting a certain card set and getting all the cards autographed. There’s the unique chance of getting a jersey, helmet, figure or photo signed. More >