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A Look at the True Value of your Box Breaks

By Linda Mankefors

While card manufacturers step away from card design or set building, and instead concentrate on “big hits”, it is hard not to concentrate on the real value of the cards you get out of a box.

Five to eight years ago, at a time when I bought boxes for sheer joy and the chance to start/finish a set, a box contained a whole lot of interesting base cards or exciting inserts to get your hands on. Rare inserts, autographs or game used that weren’t of any interest ended up being sold, and thus I got all or almost More >

A Guide to Collecting the Best You Can’t Afford

By Linda Mankefors 

While the words “I just wanna hear your rhythm” pump through the radio speakers I try yet again to decide exactly what to collect. For financial reasons, my collecting path has changed direction about once every month.

When I’ve decided for a set to go for, I’ve soon realize it’s nearly impossible, or a ten year project. I’ve decided twice to go for the Cup Limited Logos insert set, simply because it’s gorgeous. And while you’re at it, you of course want the best patches available, which are always costly, even with a normally low-interest player.

First I tried out More >

Splitting Hairs – New Wonders of “used”

By Linda Mankefors 

Reading the October issue of Beckett’s multisport magazine, I got two giggle moments. First one, when I noticed they actually cut up the racing shoes from race drivers to put on cards. Perhaps there’s no difference from cutting up skates, but skates are very much mentally connected to their sport (hockey), while shoes don’t exactly bring to mind any sort of racing. As I was thinking “what will they cut up next?” I saw the cut cards with one piece of hair from historical figures like Lincoln or Napoleon.

Strangely I’ve missed this new big hobby news. I know More >

The Price of Game Used Galore

By Linda Mankefors

Collector’s obsession with pieces of game used materials has created a mass production of game used cards. Has it gone too far? According to many yes; the values are dumping, we are flooded with cheap game used cards we don’t know what to do with, and the thrill is really gone. But I find another reason why it has gone too far: the card companies are producing quantity instead of quality. They have done so for several years, who can really blame them, they’re in it for the profit. Yet somehow, they’ve always managed to keep a few More >

The Death of Price Guides

By Linda Mankefors

Are the days of Card pricing obsolete? I find myself complaining a lot about Beckett’s ways of pricing these days. Not that they were any better 5 years ago, at least now newly released cards are somewhat accurately priced. However, there is a big, no rather a huge problem with modern cards. Many collectors don’t even bother buying the price guides anymore.

The two biggest problems are:

1) Print run Many cards are limited to a mere 25 copies or less. So many cards actually, that a player’s card numbered to 10 might be worth less than a hamburger, I More >

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The Nightmare of Thick Patch Cards Comes True

By Linda Mankefors

 Ever since half a decade we’ve all grown childishly fond of thick patch cards; when done right, it’s hard to beat the beauty of it. So how do we keep such cards in best intact condition? Handle it as little as possible, it’s well known how easily thick cards are dinged, even the slightest nudge can make a tiny bit of a corner white. If you pull it from a pack, you put it straight into a screwdown holder, same thing if you buy or trade for one. No moist environment, not too dry, not too hot, not More >