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Who’s Hot but really Not?

 By Linda Mankefors 

And vice versa. Hockey cards are pretty much like stocks, and many collectors today don’t buy hockey cards for their own keeping but as an investment. No matter what one’s opinion is about that phenomena, it’s widely spread. Which exlains why rookie cards are the hottest cards on the market. It’s unlikely today’s rookie cards will hold much value at all 20 years ahead with the current “hot today, gone tomorrow” attitude, but we can speculate in what players is hot today, will cool down, or will become hotter months or years from now.

Here’s my own little guide More >

Interview with Borje Salming – one of the game’s Greats

By Linda Mankefors

Borje Salming hardly needs an introduction. He’s a legend on both sides of the Atlantic. For Toronto Maple Leafs fans, he’s one of the biggest, and for many Swedes, he’s the best Swedish hockey player of all-time.

With 1,148 games, 787 points and 1,344 PIM’s he has fantastic numbers for any D-man, but the numbers also hide an assist point record in Leafs history. Three All-Star games and a Hall of Fame membership aside, the stats speak for themselves, but they don’t show what a warrior he was. A hardnosed, brilliant player who wasn’t afraid to get in the More >

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A Collector’s Spring experience – a true story

By Linda Mankefors

Sunny morning, a nice breeze outside, spring temperatures bring lust and colors to life. Sun rays split my thoughts into two possible ways to spend the weekend: outside doing gardenwork or re-sort my whole collection. I push any guilty feelings away and ignore health, fitness, and tall trees threatening to fall over.

Sorting through one’s collection is one of the biggest joys of collecting, I think everyone of us collectors have a little maniac sorting devil inside of us. Not if you look around in my house of course, which may resemble more of a warzone then a home, More >

Where did the wild wild West go?

Remember the days when the East hardly counted? One Eastern team had to end up in the finals every year, but it didn’t matter much which because the West had Detroit, Dallas or Colorado. Once in a while New Jersey put up their ugly nose to stir about, but it was pretty much a heavy West dominance. Not many cared about the East.

 Today, who cares about the West? They’re boring, same ol’, and not many surprises happen. While East, I just find myself drawn towards that direction. Not because several of the recent year’s Cups have ended up in the More >

Interview with Mattias Weinhandl

It’s been four years since I interviewed Mattias Weinhandl, then still a quiet young puppy with a brilliant future ahead of him. Once a hyped NHL rookie, he now plays in Linkoping, Sweden. A surprising move considering he very well could have continued to play in NHL. His team is more then pleased though as he ended up as this year’s goal scoring king in the Swedish league, and is clearly the best player on Swedish ice for the moment.

Time to give him a quick call again on behalf of SCF. Two days ago his team lost the playoff final, More >