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A Special Thanks to SCF Members

On June 18th, 2011, my wife Becky and I decided to run a fund raising yard sale for the Diamond Blackfan Anemia Foundation.  Why Diamond Blackfan Anemia?  This is the disorder that my daughter Olivia has been diagnosed with.  Diamond Blackfan Anemia or DBA, is a rare blood disorder in which the bone marrow (the center of the bone where blood cells are made) to produce red blood cells.

So why am I writing about a yard sale that occurred in Buffalo, NY for a Sport Card Collecting website?  Because I want to share 2 stories of generosity that SCF members More >

NHL Relocation back to Canada? Do the Numbers Support the Possibility?

By Scott Kozlowski aka Scottkoz20

With the current news out of Phoenix about the legal issues that surround the survival of the Coyotes, there have been rumblings about Winnipeg getting their franchise back.  Phoenix is not the only franchise in despair.  The ownership situation in Atlanta is causing people to think that the Thrashers could move to Quebec City.

Winnipeg and Quebec City share the bond of losing an NHL franchise in the mid-1990s after years of losing money and viability to survive in Canada.  Fast forward 15 years and both cities have either built (MTS Centre in Winnipeg) or are planning More >

SCF Mythbusters: Shipping using Plain White Envelopes (Part 2 of 2)

By Scott Kozlowski aka scottkoz20 Last Month, I started a small project in which I mailed out numerous cards in a Plain White Envelope or PWE. To recap that article, I mailed out 42 different envelopes to 14 SCF members

The breakdown of the 42 envelopes that were shipped out looks like this:

* 7 envelopes with a card that has no protection and no “Do Not Bend” marking * 7 envelopes with a card that has no protection and has a “Do Not Bend” marking * 7 envelopes with a card that has penny sleeve protection and no “Do Not Bend” More >

Buying and Selling Sports Cards: eBay vs. SCF

By Scott Kozlowski aka scottkoz20

As a collector of sports cards, there are times that we need to sell off cards for the purpose of having additional disposible income to purchase boxes, singles or other card lots. The problem with trying to sell is that each of us (myself included) put a value on a card.  We all like to place a higher value on our cards, especially if they were recently pulled. 

When selling cards on eBay, you open up yourself a greater market than SCF.  This therotically allows you to potentially maximize the amount that you can sell your card(s) More >