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Top Ten Baseball Position Players Who Played MLB In 2010

By Brendan White aka SteakNchop

     After a successful all-time best positions players ever article, players that had to be retired, I think I better make a modern one. Baseball has changed quite a bit over the years, so for the all-time list I had to compare the players to other players of their era. With this however, they are all playing during the same period of time so this list should be entirely accurate.

Note: These are not predictions of future performance or how the player would do in 2011 if playing.


Albert Pujols

Albert Pujols at the plate is a man among More >

Save Cal Baseball

By Brendan White aka SteakNchop

Back in 1892, Cal Berkeley started a baseball team. The Cal Bears, they were an excellent college team on and off the field. They won National Championships in 1947 and 1957. Year in and year out, they field a quality team.

Of any college baseball program in the country, Cal provides the most first round picks of any school. Many would consider it the best baseball program there has ever been, with a very good chance of making it to the big leagues from there. Many prospects and stars have come from the Cal Baseball program, some More >

Review: Sacramento Sports Card Show February 5th

By Brendan Whitie aka SteakNchop

Last Saturday,  I went to my first sports card show. The decision did not come very easily, though. February 5th was also the date of the 2010 World Series champion  San Francisco Giants FanFest. Now, I’ve been to this let’s say every year except last since 2006. It is great for getting autographs, skipping the lines and just going upstairs to see interviews of current players and coaches. However, this year was expected to be different.

As we all know, the Giants were the World Series champions last year. So what would you expect at a FanFest? A More >

The Different Types of Traders

By Brendan White aka SteakNchop

Wherever you go, there will be groups of people who seem to act the same. Be it your work, your school, or your old-person’s home, you will notice a trend in how we act. On Sports Card Forum, I’ve noticed the exact same thing.

There are a few categories people on SCF are placed in. The first is,

The Newbie

The newbie is quite an interesting collector. One way you can tell which category someone is in is how they check a bucket or photo album. When a newbie checks a bucket, often they have a list of cards More >

Bob Gibson 1959 Topps Rooke Card

Can I Make Money in Sports Cards?

By Brendan White aka SteakNchop


One of the normal “newbie” sports card questions is on the simple side, but has so much to it. The question is; “Can I make money collecting?”  The general consensus on this from most collectors is; “Have you gone mad? Are you serious!?!? You literally think you can make money this way!?!? Impossible!!!! It just can’t be done!” Guess what? It can be. Here’s how. 

While of course making money in this hobby is hard, it is very possible. It’s just how you go about it. If you do not know what you are doing, I More >