Allen & Ginter

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Help! There’s a Bigfoot in My Baseball Box!

By Justin Johnson aka johnson7878j

A few years ago I was at a card show shopping around. I came across a hobby box of Upper Deck’s A Piece of History baseball. In the mood for a box break I pick it up and proceeded to the dealer for more info. While talking to him he told me that one of my “hits” from the box would be a celebrity relic card. That was all I needed to hear. That box quickly went back to its original resting place, never to be picked up again by this baseball collector. Are the card More >

Short Prints and Quirks in Allen & Ginter Revealed

Topps confirms that there are several unannounced short printed autographs, relics and inserts in the recently-released 2009 Topps Allen & Ginter.   From Michael Phelps to the Invisible Man Autographs (black light needed), this year’s installment of Allen & Ginter features many surprises and whole lot of fun!

Short Printed Autographs & Print Runs (all of the autograph subjects in the product including the ones below have signed 10 cards in red ink accept for Michael Phelps and the Invisible Man)

AGA-MC Miguel Cabrera 49

AGA-DW David Wright 49

AGA-JW Jayson Werth 49

AGA-JR Jose Reyes 49

AGA-JC Joba Chamberlain 49

AGA-DO David Ortiz 49

AGA-MH Matt Holliday 49

AGA-RH More >

The Presidents Return to eTopps

Catch the First Pitch of the 2009 eTopps Baseball Season with Allen & Ginter President Cards!

Continuing the highly-collectible series which began in 2007, the U.S. President cards highlight the unique relationship between baseball and America’s highest office. The cards are beautifully designed and delivered via the classic Allen & Ginter brand (even staying true to the original Allen & Ginter size), but brought to life on stunning eTopps technology. The cards will be offered individually, encased and sequentially numbered*. Presidents offered include George H.W. Bush, Harry S. Truman, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson, and William Howard Taft (the first President More >

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2009 Topps Allen & Ginter Baseball Card Preview


The ever-popular Allen & Ginter Baseball is sill 3 months away from hitting hobby shelves, but it has not stopped the collecting community from buzzing.

This year’s offering not only features a new-look base-card design and more quirkiness than ever, but Topps has stepped up the content in a big way…EACH HOBBY BOX NOW GUARANTEES 3 HITS!, which include Autographs, Relics, Cut Signatures, Rip Cards and Printing Plates.

From a strand of Napoleon’s Hair to autographs from Ryan Howard and Michael Phelps, 2009 Allen & Ginter has it all.

A breakdown of the product…

Base Cards More >