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The Best of the Best Is…

By Zach Arms aka karnivore

Nine years ago, Donte’ Lamar Stallworth was thought of to have a brilliant future. Drafted with the thirteenth pick in the 2002 NFL Draft, he was considered by most experts to have the biggest upside of all the players going in the draft. Combining elite speed and soft hands, Stallworth had everything going for him. Nine years and five football teams later, Donte’s NFL career is all but over. His first four years in the league saw some glimpses of promise, but nagging injuries derailed his first two years and has limited him in others. But More >

Jon Jones: Future UFC Champ

By Noah Krow aka krowsnest

This year in the UFC there are many questions about what’s to come and how this year in MMA will play out. Last year, we saw new contenders in almost every division and witnessed some of the greatest upsets and greatest comebacks. In 2011, you can expect the most thrilling year in the UFC to date and it all starts with Jon Jones. Jon Jones, one of the most highly touted fighters in history aims to become the champion in the ever so competitive UFC light heavyweight division. Jones has captivated audiences with his creative striking More >

The Best of the Best Obscure Baseball Seasons (1980 to Present)

By Jake Bogardus aka JPBaseball1322

As time moves on, sports become more and more reliant on stats, numbers, saber-metrics and the likes. I love stats, just about as much as anybody, so I thought I would try to find the three most obscurely great statistical seasons in Major League Baseball history. In this case, by obscure I mean great statistical seasons by players whom you’d never expect. A great example who just missed out on this list is Jose Bautista from last year. His 54 home run season came out of nowhere, and those are the types of seasons that I More >

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Everyone Dies But How Many of us Truly live?

By Thomas Gast aka munchiesthemonkey 

This year the champions will be…( insert your favorite team name here). Every single year just like last year. Some of you reading this understand heartache, the flood of emotions felt so deep for want of the ultimate prize, but year after year your consolation prize is defeat – the type of dejected feelings reserved for the poor kid picked last when choosing soft ball teams in elementary school. The hurt is a rare kind of pain felt deep in your core being, yet no medication can be prescribed to alleviate your sorrow.

My San Diego Chargers. More >

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Card Collecting Adventures

By Dakota Case aka wild4life

Three cards; three Derek Boogaard cards is all it took for the obsession of hockey card collecting to completely consume me. I first started collecting early in 2010 . It all started with purchasing individual cards of players I liked or had heard of; I was new to hockey and the NHL at that point in time in addition to collecting. It didn’t take long for a few cards to become a nice little Minnesota Wild collection.

Then, one day I came across a box of 1990 Score Hockey for only $10 at the local card store More >