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The Problem with Baseball Is that it’s Too Slow

 By Jacob Bogardus aka  JPBaseball1322

I’m a baseball purist. I love the sport. I believe it is the American pastime and have no problems sitting through a three and a half hour game. However, as a baseball lover, I also understand that the pace of the game is one of the reasons that a lot of people can’t sit through an entire game and follow the sport throughout the year. I want this to change. I want people to be able to enjoy baseball, so I am going to act as the commissioner of baseball for the next few paragraphs, and More >

My 2011 Predictions

By Andrew Hoyler aka Andrewhoya

The approaching months bring us some of the most exciting times in sports. The Super Bowl, World Series, and March Madness are personally my three favorite to watch.

In the NFL this year, I was hoping the Dolphins (my team) would have a breakout year and make it to the Super Bowl. I also predicted that the Cowboys would win it all. Needless to say, I shouldn’t play the lottery.

With two games left, before the Super Bowl, I am picking the Green Bay Packers to win it all! They have impressed me the most these past few More >

This Year the Champions Will Be….The Braves!

By: Will McCullough aka Bulldogboy07

I know that you’re thinking “How will they even win their division when the big bad Phillies are in there” Well I know how. Pitching will be up against us, but the Phillies losing Jason Werth will have a huge effect on them. I think the braves have it all because we made some good pick-ups in the off-season, the braves have a rotation that is very well put together, and batting will diffidently not be a problem.

I cannot remember the last time the Braves had a great off-season. Well, this year I think our luck More >

A Hobby Becoming too Expensive

By Sean Berry aka # 1 Broncos Fan

Well I’m not sure where to start because this is something that has been going on for a while and just seems to be getting more and more out of control in my opinion, I remember growing up as a kid and my brothers and I would go collect pop cans and bottles and take them to the little corner market by where we lived, cash the cans in, then turn around and buy $.25 wax packs of baseball cards. Oh and buy a few candy items like $.05 bubble gum!!! Anyway we More >