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My Collecting Adventure

By Nathan Loewy aka garnett_21

Collecting cards has been a way of life for me since I became a teenager. While most teens prefer to play video games instead of looking at cardboard, I found that I was quite unusual. I thought nothing was better than opening a fresh pack of wax! None of my personal friends have ever collected cards, at least to the extent that I do, and most would rather sit for hours in front of a television playing video games as opposed to sitting for hours in front of boxes/binders of cards. If you couldn’t already tell, More >

My One and Only PC Card

By Mike Leno aka dwighthoward

Everyone on Sports Card Forum has a Personal Collection (PC) in their life. One of my PC cards is my Ray Allen/Rodney Stuckey/Nick Young Topps Triple Autograph card. Many members on the forum might already know how I received the card but I will happily show it off once again.

In this forum we have plenty of contests. I won this card by having to join a NBA contest that took close to a year of hard work. Each day the forum put up many games that we had to guess the winner of. Each month the More >

My Life In a Card

By Jordan Freemyer aka free7694

There is a card I have that sums up nearly a decade, or half, of my life. To the average collector it’s really nothing special, but to me it is precious. It is a Vincent Jackson rookie game used card from 2005.

I am currently a student at the University of Northern Colorado, the same school Jackson attended. Additionally, both of my parents went to UNC and my great-grandfather taught there. Needless to say, being a UNC Bear is in my blood. As a school that was, until very recently, Division II we don’t get many athletes More >

Back In the Day

By TJ Hill aka napuke46

It’s late in the winter 1988. I am eight years old and I come into the living room and Dad is watching a bunch of guys on ice skates swat around at a little black thing. “Whatcha watchin?” was all I could think to say. He replies, ”It’s something called ice hockey.” with this tone in his voice of, “Who knows but it’s something to watch.” That winter evening way back then was the start of something that has lasted over 20 years. It was that night of hockey that got the entire family started into More >

Always A Place

By Kyle Hymel aka FootballCardFreak

It was a warm August day; a day that I will never forget. I slowly opened the door, unsure of what to expect. All I knew was that I had 20 dollars and thousands of sports cards to choose from. “Hello,” said Mr. James, the storeowner. “Hi,” I hesitantly replied. “Let me know if you need anything bud,” Mr James cheerfully responded. I looked at all those cards for what seemed like hours, basking in their beauty. As a 10 year-old, I had never been so close to my favorite players; some of who were my More >

An Everlasting Bond: The Reason Behind My Passion for Collecting

By Darcy Ryan Brooke-Bisschop aka bb_bros

For the longest time very few people seemed to understand my obsession with the hobby of collecting sports cards. My wife-to-be thought it was just another of my many quirks, and friends and colleagues generally seemed bewildered by it. Comments along the lines of : ‘Why do you spend so much time and money on that stuff?’ or ‘I just don’t get how you can find little pieces of cardboard so interesting’ have not been uncommon throughout most of my life.

When faced with these comments and pressed to explain my fixation, I often struggled to identify exactly More >