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Miro the Hero

By Jonah Levitan aka Satan81

A lot of people on this forum tell me that it’s nice to collect someone who isn’t a superstar like Sidney Crosby or Steven Stamkos. It’s refreshing to see someone collect an average player. Well let me tell you, to me, he’s a superstar. Perhaps more.

I am talking about my favorite hockey player, Miroslav Satan. Miro started as a very late draft pick by the Oilers, then traveled a few times from Buffalo, to Long Island, to Pittsburgh to Boston. That’s where his NHL days ended. He would then go on to win a championship with More >


A Right or a Privilege?

By Ethan Shippen aka TheBoxBreaker


During the 2013 Stanley Cup Playoffs, the National Hockey League announced the implementation of new rules to be either tried out or used during play for the 2013-14 pre-season. One of those rules dictate that the current size of goaltender equipment should be smaller, trying to increase the number of goals scored in each game. According to the stats at, goal scoring in the NHL was at its lowest in 2012-13 since the late 90s when the NHL experienced a big decrease in goals scored. But is shrinking the size of the goalie’s equipment really More >


The Golden Seal Who Never Was

By Joe Simanis aka GHCHambone

The National Hockey League has had its fair share of lopsided trades over the years. Eric Lindros was drafted by the Nordiques and then traded to the Philadelphia Flyers for Kerry Huffman, Steve Duchesne, Ron Hextall, Mike Ricci, Chris Simon, Peter Forsberg, future draft picks and an undisclosed (but rumored to be around ten to fifteen million dollars) in cash. The Vancouver Canucks sent Cam Neely along with a first-round draft pick to the Boston Bruins for Barry Pederson. That first-round pick was used to select Glen Wesley, who went on to play over 1,400 games More >

Pitcher vs. Hitter – Who Is More Valuable?

By Jacob Vance aka Goldencards

For years and years many people have debated on which asset is more valuable to a Major League team. Some people argue pitchers, while many others vote hitters. So the million dollar question is, who really is more valuable to a Major League team? As you’ve heard a million times in the past decade, baseball is a pitcher’s game. This statement is very true in the fact that today’s pitching is the best it has ever been in Major League history. The number of strike-outs is through the roof, and earned run averages have dropped tremendously. More >


NHL Draft 2013 Preview

By Paul Bartosz aka wogman56

This Sunday at the Prudential Center in Newark, NJ, 211 young men will hear their names called from the podium, marking the start of a new chapter in their lives. This year’s draft has potential to be one of the best in decades, combining a mix of young North American and international talent. The Colorado Avalanche possess the first overall pick in Sunday’s draft. The Avs are widely being rumored to take stud center Nathan MacKinnon from the Halifax Mooseheads of the QMJHL. MacKinnon has drawn many comparisons to a previous #1 overall pick from his More >

I’m a Little League Umpire

By G. Kerry Webster aka windmortal

Last week, 9-year-old Dominick Havens was beaned in the forehead with a fastball. It hurt. I know it did. He cried.

I don’t know Dominick. I never met his parents. But, I almost cried too.Seeing that little guy lying in the dirt near home plate, holding his head and sobbing made me feel helpless.

I never had children. I don’t know what it would feel like to see something like that happen to my own son or daughter. But, for two hours, three or four nights a week, I do have kids. Usually about two dozen of them.

I’m More >