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Perfect Shame: Please Stop While You’re Ahead

By Rudickulous aka David Rudick

This season has already shown some impressive and promising talents when it comes to pitching in the MLB. Both Annibal Sanchez and Yu Darvish came so amazingly close at achieving greatness, and while Sanchez’s game would have been a no hitter, it is still an admirable feat that only a select few have achieved. And yet after watching these two players collapse at the last second, I feel disgusted. There is a feeling in the back of my head that is filling with rage and sickness, a chilling feeling that is hard to describe. The weird More >


My View of the Current State of Trading and a Possible Solution

By Scott Kozlowski aka Scottkoz

It has been quite a bit of time since I last penned an article for Sports Card Forum. A lot has changed for me during the last year. My family moved into our dream home north of Niagara Falls, NY. It has a ton to offer, outdoor concerts during the summer months galore, festivals, country living and one of the best school districts in Western New York, just in time for Olivia to start kindergarten in the fall. It did come with a price.

That price was having to own 2 houses for nearly 8 months. This More >


More Than Just a Piece of Cardboard

By Ethan Shippen aka TheBoxBreaker

Dear readers,

As fellow card collectors, I’m sure you guys have been in the same situation that I’m in regularly. People asking: “Why do you want to pay that much money for a card? It’s just a piece of cardboard.” I shake my head and laugh at those people, and even my best friends don’t understand why I collect hockey cards. I’m not surprised, though. Living in a small, non-hockey crazy country like Denmark isn’t exactly a hotbed for hockey like Toronto or Montreal, but it’s becoming a top 3 sport here. So why are people – who More >

A Gentleman Takes his Final Bow

By Matt Goldberg aka Rivera42

How does one choose a favorite player? After all, the majority of us are fans of numerous sports and even a variety of teams. Scattered among these menagerie of teams are certain players that stand out, even transcending their chosen sport. Some might be flashy and outspoken, starring in numerous commercials and needing to be in the limelight. Shaq is the first athlete that comes to mind, and personifies this scenario. The man was one of the best players to ever step foot onto the hardwood and his personality matched his huge stature. He was a More >

My Grandmother’s Boyfriend

By J.R. Lebert aka jrlebert

On May 20, 2013, one of the most special, caring, and important people I will ever know, Theresa Agro, my grandmother, “Me-Ma”, passed away. Me-Ma was a profound influence on my life, and, oddly enough, on my love for baseball and the New York Mets.

Little does he know, but in a way, today is a sad day for David Wright. You see, back in 2005, my grandmother started a relationship with David. He became her boyfriend. Charmed by his good looks, but thrilled more with his prowess at the plate, David Wright gave Me-Ma someone More >