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Shriners Auditorium Show – Wilmington, Mass. – November 7, 2009

By Jeff Woodward aka schwood

In early November, I attended the Shriners Auditorium card show in Wilmington, Mass. This show is run by the Greater Boston Sports Collectors Club (GBSSC). What a great show! There are close to 250 tables, and this show certainly does not disappoint. Starting last year, it is held twice a year now – once in November and once in the summer. Unfortunately, I missed the one in the summer.

As on typical day (at this show in particular), I start out by showing up early on Saturday, walk through the convention center and get a feel for More >

My Trip to the 2009 Nationals

By Dan Gladstone aka gladdyontherise

The 2009 Sports Card National Show was only the second different card show I had ever been to before. However, it will most likely be forever my most memorable show of my life. It all started two months before the show even took place. Sports Card Forum had brought up this show and I knew that I wanted to go. I was able to convince my mom to let me go and for her to come with me (someone had to pay for the trip). I also had to save money up so I had something More >

2009 Tristar Projections Series 3 Review

By Don White aka doniceage Description

This product was just released on July 1st so I was more than happy to take a look at it. Upon looking at the box I see that the box stated nine hits per box, with the claim of “four autographs, one game used, and four parallels per box.” The checklist would be cards 201 to 300 as this is series three, with the other two series being sold out. The cards are simple and aesthetically pleasing as they do not try to be anything they are not. They are projection cards of future baseball More >

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2008-2009 Upper Deck Ultimate Collection Hockey

By Karine Hains, Editor-in-Chief

Description The nearing end of the season means two things for hockey fans; the Cup will soon be awarded and it’s time for Upper Deck’s high-end offerings. First up, Ultimate Collection. Unlike last season when a box included 4 packs, now a box is a single pack of 4 cards. The reasoning seems to be that more people will be willing to spend $100 on a box than $350. The same approach has also been taken in the other sports. While it is true that it is less money to fork out, it is still quite a More >

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ITG Ultimate Memorabilia 8 Product Review

By Karine Hains, Editor-in-Chief

For many hockey collectors, Upper Deck is the only way to go. Why? Simply because they have an exclusivity licence when it comes to producing cards depicting the NHL players, as a result other companies are unable to use the teams’ logos on their product. Whilst you may agree with most and think that any release which cannot make use of the teams’ logos is doomed from the start, I respectfully disagree. For me, this is by no means a fatal blow and In the Game’s Ultimate Memorabilia brand has more than enough redeeming features. From the More >

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Upper Deck NHL Series 1 2008-2009

By Karine Hains, Editor-In-Chief


Another year, another release of the good old standard Upper Deck series 1. Year after year, this set is eagerly awaited by rookie collectors keen to put together a set of the year’s finest freshmen. In a world where collectors have fallen out of love with the base cards, Upper Deck carries on doing its best to create different inserts sets year in, year out. This year, one can expect to find as inserts; Captains Calling, Sophomore Sensations, Winter Classics, Hockey Heroes (based solely on Sidney Crosby) and Hat Trick Heroes cards. On the autograph and memorabilia More >