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Montreal Card Show Report

By Karine Hains aka Pheebs888

For us card collectors, attending a card show always makes for a fun day but I’ll tell you what makes it even more special; attending it to promote Sports Card Forum. Not only do you get to tell plenty of people about an awesome site but chances are you get to meet members in person as well, allowing you to put faces on the numerous user names you see on a daily basis. Last weekend, I was lucky enough to attend a card show in Montreal to spread the word about SCF.


Luc, another moderator on the More >

PSA Free Magazines and Books at 2010 National

Visitors to the 2010 National Sports Collectors Convention will have an opportunity to see an exhibit of rare Babe Ruth baseball cards and also have an opportunity to receive a free magazine and book from Professional Sports Authenticator ( The show will be held in the Baltimore, Maryland Convention Center, August 4 – 8, 2010.

“Baltimore is the birthplace of Babe Ruth. PSA will pay tribute to ‘The Sultan of Swat’ by displaying classic 1930′s era Goudey, Sport Kings and U.S. Caramel cards of Ruth as well as seldom-seen 1920s American Caramel and other candy and ice cream Ruth cards from More >

2010 National Sports Collectors Convention

The 2010 National Sports Collectors Convention will be held at the Baltimore Convention Center in Baltimore, Maryland from 4-8 August, 2010.

Tentative Show Hours Wednesday (4 Aug): 5 PM – 9 PM Thursday – Saturday (5-7 Aug): 10 AM – 6 PM Sunday (8 Aug): 10 AM – 5 PM

Ticket Cost Single-day General Admission Tickets are $16.50 (if purchased online). Tickets purchased at the Convention Center will cost $19.95. VIP tickets cost $119-$259 each. The VIP Packages provide access to the Convention on all five days and include additional privileges such as a gift package of items made exclusively for the 31st More >

Shriners Auditorium Show – Wilmington, Mass. – November 7, 2009

By Jeff Woodward aka schwood

In early November, I attended the Shriners Auditorium card show in Wilmington, Mass. This show is run by the Greater Boston Sports Collectors Club (GBSSC). What a great show! There are close to 250 tables, and this show certainly does not disappoint. Starting last year, it is held twice a year now – once in November and once in the summer. Unfortunately, I missed the one in the summer.

As on typical day (at this show in particular), I start out by showing up early on Saturday, walk through the convention center and get a feel for More >

My Trip to the 2009 Nationals

By Dan Gladstone aka gladdyontherise

The 2009 Sports Card National Show was only the second different card show I had ever been to before. However, it will most likely be forever my most memorable show of my life. It all started two months before the show even took place. Sports Card Forum had brought up this show and I knew that I wanted to go. I was able to convince my mom to let me go and for her to come with me (someone had to pay for the trip). I also had to save money up so I had something More >

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Did I just see that (Father and Son collecting together).

I routinely go to the Lexington Armory Monthly Card Show in Lexington, Kentucky. Last year at the first table I did a double take. Both a father (Loyall Owens) and son (Ryan Owens) appeared to have their own cards. One doesn’t see many kids, compared with adults, attending shows and involved with the hobby of collecting and selling sports cards.

As you all know, adults fuel the hobby due to the high prices of collectible cards. I observed, this wasn’t just a father and son collecting, but they were setting up for a 2- day card show. I questioned, how many More >