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Beware of the New Type of Printing

Beware of the New Type of Printing By Guy Mitchell aka sweetg1

The technology continues to improve. We went from rotary dial phones to push button phones. From there, the technology went to cell phones to where the smart phone is today. Technology is great, right? It’s what pays the bills in my household, as I work for a technology company in innovation. For the card hobby, we’ve seen the technology, as the industry went from the old, thin cardboard stock in the 40s and 50s to Upper Deck changing the game in 1989. From there, the industry went to the More >


Card Karma

By Mason Hermann aka antropov14

Two years ago, I sustained an injury that required back surgery to correct it. While recovering in Sick Kids Hospital in Toronto at the age of 14, after surgery, a children’s clown entertainer came along with his bag of tricks to keep patients’ spirits up, and provide a distraction to the situation at hand. As I was on the older end of patients, I normally wouldn’t be entertained by watching a clown, but I was tired and sore, and this was definitely a great way to pass some time. Furthermore, only about five days later I More >

A Low-End Collector in a World of Major Mojo

By Joe Abney aka stlcardinalsfan

I consider myself an average collector, a buy a couple packs here and there type of guy. Like most people on I’ve been collecting cards since I was a kid, and have switched interests several times. My current interest being the St. Louis Cardinals. Being on the forum since 2009 and amongst the online collecting community, I have started to see a disturbing trend. It’s starting to seem like I am one of the few guys who actually still gets excited over base cards.

I know base cards aren’t always something special or worth the most More >


Growth as a Collector

By Patrick Kessler aka Kess

I cannot remember a time as a child when I didn’t have sports on my mind. It started with baseball and summers full of afternoon backyard games with friends and nights camped out in front of the TV watching Yankees and Phillies games. I still remember laying on the floor in front of the TV in a muggy house without air conditioning eating Freezepops and waiting for Mike Schmidt’s next at bat. I didn’t get into card collecting until one day when those afternoon backyard games turned into a card show off and swap event. I More >

Teen Card Collecting Struggles

By Matthew Ferreira aka Ferrari5515

Card collecting is hard. Well for me. Because I feel it’s harder to be a card collector when you’re my age. By my age I mean I’m 15. I feel like I’m a small fish in a big pool of sharks. Whenever I feel like I know what I’m doing in card collecting, or if I think I’m starting to grow a bigger collection, someone proves me wrong by showing me up. I also notice that there aren’t a lot of kids out there like me…People that are my age and try to collect cards that More >