Collector Tips


How Cards Have Helped Save my Life!

by Michael Barton aka MonticelloCards

This hobby has saved my life! I have always had addiction problems, and I have been places I wouldn’t send my worst enemy to. But two years ago, I began to change. I became spiritual (not Religious) and found God, and in order to continue being successful (Made Presidents List at College) I moved to upstate New York about 12 years ago. I split time – summers here and winters on Long Island. It was a very hard transition, but 8 years ago we moved to NEPA and I found a job I loved being the More >

The Sports Heroes Set

By Joe Simanis aka GHCHambone

Every person involved in sports or card collecting has a sports hero and most people probably more than one. Maybe it was your first coach who taught you the rules and fundamentals of the game. It could be your favorite player growing up, the player you wanted to be just like. Or it might be your parents or your siblings who introduced you to the world of sports. That’s why my idea for a new product would be the Sports Heroes Set. Each card relates in some way to the heroes that both athletes and fans More >

How my Girlfriend Views my, er…Hobby

By Brandon York aka Uof LnMU

When I got divorced, I made myself a rule: I would display memorabilia wherever, whenever, and however I wanted to. (No, this isn’t going to be a divorced guy rant, all appearances to the contrary.) I moved out and got a reasonably sized apartment, and made the conscious decision that I would end up “living the dream”: My new living room sports a team-signed Real Madrid jersey, flanked with signed photos of Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Muhammad Ali—one corner is devoted to the Reds, another to the Bengals. I also have a wall of memorabilia from More >

Are we the Problem or the Solution?

By Michael Barton aka Monticellocards

How do you think we can get the younger generation interested in card collecting? What should the manufacturers do to ensure the continuity of the hobby? What can we, as individuals, do?


Upper Deck recently ran a promotion on Facebook where they wanted collectors to give away cards to their friends or even to strangers as a gift, for nothing in return. I thought it was a fantastic idea, and when this question was posted on Sports Card Forum, I knew this was the article that I had to write this month. As someone with a few More >

Bob Gibson 1959 Topps Rooke Card

Can I Make Money in Sports Cards?

By Brendan White aka SteakNchop


One of the normal “newbie” sports card questions is on the simple side, but has so much to it. The question is; “Can I make money collecting?”  The general consensus on this from most collectors is; “Have you gone mad? Are you serious!?!? You literally think you can make money this way!?!? Impossible!!!! It just can’t be done!” Guess what? It can be. Here’s how. 

While of course making money in this hobby is hard, it is very possible. It’s just how you go about it. If you do not know what you are doing, I More >