Collector Tips

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Five Ways to get the Most Bang for Your Buck

By Kevin Lee aka gosens151911

5. Watch E-Bay for Steals eBay is a buyer’s greatest resource. If you can, make sure you use it. Search daily for popular player names and see what auctions are ending soon. You will usually be able to find steals daily, with many cards ending at prices well under book value. This is a great way to pick up cards for your trade list. Remember to try and avoid bidding wars and only submit your max bid in the final minute or so if possible. Also, don’t forget to take shipping into account, it’s not a steal More >

Attention eBay Canada Sellers! CRA to Investigate Unreported e-Commerce Income

By Darcy Ryan Brooke-Bisschop aka bb_bros

Many sports card collectors buy and sell on eBay on a regular basis, with scores of those doing so as a purely hobby level activity. eBay serves as something of a virtual garage sale, allowing sellers to easily rid themselves of unwanted items while building a base of funds that can be used for items that are wanted.

The ability to use eBay as a means of converting unwanted cards into cash that can then be used to purchase other items is invaluable to many collectors. Some are able to do this with a great deal More >

Paypal Caveats – How to Limit Fees When Sending Money

By Matthew Tomkin aka reoddai

Introduction Paypal is a popular method for sending money in exchange for sports memorabilia online. In addition to allowing transactions all over the globe, it allows users to conveniently link their e-mail to local bank cards, credit cards, bank accounts and store funds in a relatively secure online account. Currently, Paypal tends to focus their attention to eBay transactions. However, collectors can use Paypal for non-eBay transactions and transfer money between individuals securely, such as in trades here at SCF.

Paypal fees: Traditionally, the burden of fee payments rested heavily on the seller. Recent changes now allow for certain More >

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Defending the Price Guide

By Kevin Lee aka gosens151911

It has become one of the most discussed and probably hated issues discussed by many members of the sports card community: the price guide. However, is all the criticism received by price guides really justified? In my opinion, I do not believe so. Price guides are essential to the hobby, especially to newcomers who usually will have no clue to what cards are valuable or worthless.

The biggest issue I have is how the price guide itself is used. Most price guides usually provide a range, with a LO column, representing the lowest price one could expect More >

Is Book Value Still Needed?

By Kevin Lee aka gosens151911

Technology has done wonders for the hobby; especially making purchases for the personal collection just a click away. The most used site to make these sales is eBay, where collectors bid or use a buy it now feature to purchase cards they’re interested in. Another interesting feature available on eBay is that one can view the recent sales of an item. From this, the average sale price can be found for most items. This provides a collector with a very good idea of what he/she could sell a card for. Recently this has become a large More >