Collector Tips

Top 10 Things I Wished I Knew about Collecting Cards before I Started

By Kevin Lee

Here’s my top ten tips on what I wish I knew when I first started collecting cards.

10: Redemption Cards are brutal - Card companies insert redemption cards into packs for rookies who have yet to play, or for players who have yet to autograph their cards. You have to go online, register with the site and then usually type in a redemption code to have your card mailed to you when it’s produced. Sometimes the redemptions can take months to arrive, or are never even produced. It’s a pain pulling one and not knowing if you’re going to More >

The World of Autographs – not as Easy as it Seems

By Linda Mankefors

There are a lot of us who collect so-called in person autographs. Non-certified autos obtained in person or by mail, or simply traded for or bought. But unless you stand there yourself in front of the athlete, is it possible to do that anymore and know you that you are getting an authentic autograph?

Why would anyone even bother dealing with this hobby when there are tons of certified autographs available? Well, there’s the hunt. Collecting a certain card set and getting all the cards autographed. There’s the unique chance of getting a jersey, helmet, figure or photo signed. More >

A Big Break

By Karine Hains,  Editor-In-Chief

We all know that this hobby of ours can be rather demanding from a financial standpoint. However, most of us still cannot help it and we buy boxes after boxes of wax. Why? Well, we want to improve our collections and we are also chasing after the “big pull”. Some breaks go better than others and we are sometimes left disappointed by the results. How nice would it be to be able to get the cards you want from a box break? Better yet, from a case break!

Lately on Sportscardforum, this has become possible for team or More >

What is a Group Break?

Guest article by Broscards

One of the newest ways to get connected with like minded collectors is the “group break”. In group breaks, a number of collectors all put money towards a number of boxes from any given sport. The boxes are busted either live on a site like, or recorded on a site like Then, all the cards are shipped out to members who participated in the break.

There are several different styles of group breaks being applied to all sports and all brands. If a group decides on a “high end” product like National Treasures for example, they More >

Player Collecting on a Budget

Guest article by Tyler Glover (Broscards)

Hello, my name is Tyler, and I’m a player collector on a budget. How many of you are in my shoes? Being a player collector in today’s hobby is harder than ever. Long gone are the days of three sets a year. Long gone are the days of a player having, maybe 20 rookies.  Take my personal addiction for example, Robert Meachem had 1222 rookie cards produced (including printing plates) before he ever caught a pass in a game! From 1 of 1′s, to autographs, to game used, to short prints it seems like my More >

Trading Made Easy in 4 Steps

Guest article by Scott Kozlowski (Scottkoz20)

Are you someone who has given thought about trading cards online, but has fears about trading because of stories you have read and heard about? Are you a parent who does not want their son or daughter trading because of fears of getting ripped off? Are you someone who simply has not given much thought about trading cards online? If you are one of those people, this article will hopefully put some of those fears to rest.

The following are some simple steps to keep in mind when you are first starting out trading cards online. More >