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Guest article by Ryo1549 (Nate Cates)

Hello, my name is Nate Cates also known as Ryo1549 and I am a “cardoholic”. Ok well its not that bad but, having bought many boxes over the years I accumulated a lot of “base” or common cards. I always kept my team’s cards (San Francisco’s 49ers) and ended up giving away the others or even throwing them away. It was nearly impossible to trade commons and base online, because many people who frequent the internet’s trading sites are only after the higher dollar cards. This gave me a great idea; starting a football team More >

My Redemption Experiences

Guest article by nadeau01_johnson48 (Jeremy Sebastian)

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always bought Upper Deck and Topps products.  My dad raised me on them.  I remember helping him build the 1989 Upper Deck baseball set, with the Ken Griffey Jr. rookie.  That was back when cards were simple.  Now, not so much, thanks to Game Used and Autographs.  (Not that I’m complaining.)

Anyways, this is about what it’s like to open a pack, and see that “worst-case scenario”, the hit that is actually a piece of cardboard saying “Congratulations” on it, yes, I’m talking about redemptions.

For a long time, More >

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Retail vs. Hobby Packs

Guest article by gosens151911

A main concern of mine about the card industry is how they prey on card collectors from young to old with retail packs. These are the packs you end up buying at your local Wal-Mart, Target, dollar store etc. They may come in blister packs (usually 2-3 packs packaged together), or individually, sold from an opened retail box. These packs are somewhat cheaper than their hobby counterparts. However, one should know that the odds of pulling anything good from them are very low or nonexistent, when compared to the hobby version. This is why you will usually More >

29th National Sports Collector Convention (VIP BAG CONTENT’S)!!!

Many people ask what you get when you buy a VIP pass at the National Sports Collectors Convention. It’s different from a general admission pass which basically just gets you in to walk around the show. I thought I would take a few pictures to show what is in the VIP bag which you are given.

In the pictures below, you can sees what the bag looks like and the contents laid out to show you what you will pull out. VIP bags are put together by the sponsors, show promoters and card companies. Remember; players from one unopened pack might More >

Boxes or Invidividual cards (which yield more in book value)??

As usual, I went to the monthly show in Lexington, KY to pick up any hockey that might surface. This week, there was no hockey to be had, but a lot of cards fell into my lap in one large deal. I’d like to share my thoughts on why I prefer to buy lots of cards instead of boxes over time. Why buy boxes when lots can be had with so much return per dollar compared to the hit or miss of a box.

I have no clue what prices are for cards but hockey so I bought some of the More >

New angle on how to get collectibles for your collection!!

There that old adage that says sometimes the BEST THINGS IN LIFE ARE FREE. In the memorabilia field I find that adage to be very true. I have come to that conclusion from looking at one of my friend collection who by no means is wealthy. By looking at his collection you would think he has put some serious cash into it.

So let me start with some pictures to show what I am talking about:Martin Erat Game Used Gloves:





I learned many things from Darryl More >