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Changes to the MLB

By Jared Serre aka jaredthe79

Baseball is a great game. From powerhouses like the entire lifespan New York Yankees with twenty-seven championships to turn around teams such as the 2013 Boston Red Sox after a sixty-nine win campaign in 2012. The sport is a great getaway from the stresses of daily life. But the problem is that the sport has some major issues that need to be worked out. One of these problems is the whole instant replay ordeal. It was recently okayed by the owners, but why wasn’t this in effect before? Instant replay was available in most major sports More >

The Day that I Remembered

By Chas Brailey aka LegendaryVintage

I suppose that a contest entry should be something catchy, savvy, and appealing to all readers. My entry is probably none of these things, at least to many readers but to someone, somewhere, this story will ring a bell in their own mind and will also make them remember.

I was born in 1981 in Covington, GA which is just a hop and a skip from Atlanta. In 1991 at the ripe age of 10, I attended my first baseball game. I went to see the Atlanta Braves play the Houston Astros. It was immediately apparent More >

Get Them While They’re Young

By Pat Murphy aka yankeesfan1324

What do Mike Leake and Xavier Nady have in common?

Mike Leake and Xavier Nady are the only 2 players who have had their MLB debut in the past 15 years to go straight to the MLB without playing in the MiLB or international professional teams. Mike Leake also played in the Arizona Fall League, which is usually around a AA or AAA level, and Xavier Nady only played in 1 game in the MLB before being sent down to AAA.

Why is this important? Sure, if you ever are asked this on a game show you can More >

13 Questions with a Sports Card Photo Editor

by Drew Pelto aka *censored*

Back in January I was incredibly frustrated. I was the play by play broadcaster for a junior hockey team. While I figured it was the first step in landing my dream job, I felt like I was going nowhere. The team I was working for was on its way to missing the playoffs for the third time in four seasons, I was having problems with some fans who made it no secret that they wanted me out of my job, and I just wasn’t enjoying it anymore.

In February, I applied for a photo editor job with More >

The Soon to Be Hall of Shame

By Austin Hackenberg akaJimmbob82

In today’s society, people are looking for ways to get around the system of hard work and sacrifice. This ever increasing trend has even carried over into the world of professional sports. The main culprits of this trend: Performance Enhancing Drugs (PEDs) and laziness. PEDs have been in the spotlight of professional sports in the recent years, and have dominated all sports news stations in the recent half year. Although PEDs are mostly known for their use in Major League Baseball, players in other major league sports also have been known to use them.

The Hall of Fame More >


What is Your Childhood Worth?

By Tyson Michie aka Wickabee

I collect hockey cards. Do you want to see my favourite one? Here it is.

That’s a 1991-92 Pro Set #531 Niklas Lidstrom Rookie Card. It’s not worth much; the book value is $1.00, and it’s not a team or player I particularly like. I mean, I like Lidstrom, he’s the only guy in my mind who comes close to Bobby Orr in terms of best NHL defensemen, but he played for the Wings and just isn’t a guy I would collect. More than that, I have cards worth much more than a dollar in my collection. More >