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How not to Be too Sad About Money When you Have too Much of it

By Christopher J. Ahlman aka Requiemx


I have two words to discuss in this topic, overpaid and overplayed. These are the two choice words I will be using to discuss first, our overpaid basketball players and second, overplayed lockouts.


Understandably, the idea of overpaid players and lockouts can certainly be used for a few other sports out there, but I’m choosing to focus on basketball for two reasons. One and most obvious, the NBA is in the midst of a lockout and second, I am much more knowledgeable in the realm of professional basketball than any other sport.


Many of you are probably More >


How Cards Have Helped Save my Life!

by Michael Barton aka MonticelloCards

This hobby has saved my life! I have always had addiction problems, and I have been places I wouldn’t send my worst enemy to. But two years ago, I began to change. I became spiritual (not Religious) and found God, and in order to continue being successful (Made Presidents List at College) I moved to upstate New York about 12 years ago. I split time – summers here and winters on Long Island. It was a very hard transition, but 8 years ago we moved to NEPA and I found a job I loved being the More >


Meeting your Favorite Player (my Story)

By David Oby III aka CavFanatic21

There may not be too many people who can say they have met their favorite athlete sometime in their lifetime. Some can say they met a player, which then made them their favorite player. However, this was different for me. Many members may know, my favorite athlete is JJ Hickson, of the Sacramento Kings. Of course, he used to be on the Cleveland Cavaliers (But that’s an entirely different story). I have actually met him four times over the last year, and hope to meet him more. I can tell a simple story of how More >

Common Sense Trading

By Sean Ruml aka Srman77

As I begin to write this article, I felt it necessary to premise this with a word of wisdom for rookie and veteran traders alike. Those words are simply this…Treat the person, or person’s that you are trading with as if they were you on that other side of the trade and, not just another trader with a screen name. I say this in having to have dealt with a couple of minor issues that came a while back with a couple of traders. It was nothing so majorly horrible that I would have to report More >

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Tracy Hackler – A Man Who Is Changing the Hobby

By Michael Barton aka MonticelloCards

Without going into too much personal detail, I have had a very interesting life in my 35 years on this earth. Through the good and bad, I have persevered and kept a smile on my face even during the hardest of times. I am a firm believer in karma, and this week Tracy Hackler earned my admiration and respect unlike anyone before in this hobby. And he earned uber karma in the process.

Oftentimes, I find collectors truly need to put the shoe on the other foot and look at what actually goes into the thoughts, concepts More >

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The Problems With Baseball

By Andrew Hoyler aka Andrewhoya

Disclaimer: Some of my views may seem crazy and I guarantee I will have views that you do not agree with. We all have opinions on topics. I will respect your opinion and ask that you do the same in return.

I love baseball. Watching, playing, coaching, cards, anything that has the word “baseball” in it. However, there are countless problems, whether small or large, that burden the game. For the sake of time, I am not going to go into every problem that I have with the MLB. But I may write a Volume 2…

1. The More >