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Different Looks on Collecting

By Cherie Mollohan aka Tradinpaint

It seems like forever ago that we’ve had trading cards. Kids got cards and went to school the next day sitting in the hall just waiting to trade. Now I look and all I see is people going after the big stuff, big money, and eBay. Have the trading card makers gone too far? Maybe the expanded so-and-so many card set is just to make more money. How many parallels can you have of one card? Why aren’t there just 50 cards in a set and say 5 autos and 5 game-used cards? I enjoy going More >

Is Collecting Changing?

By Cherie Mollohan aka Tradinpaint

As a card collector small mounds of cards that just seem to slowly take over my desk surround me. But, of course not all are rare spectacular things. Some base, inserts, parallels. I collect NASCAR the second most popular sport. Even though, not a ton of people collect it. Press Pass tries to do a great job with their cards, and I’m not saying that they don’t. But in my opinion, they could do better and are improving. For one, they put out a Brain Vickers race used helmet. One of my favorite ideas. They really More >