Contest Entries


Growth as a Collector

By Patrick Kessler aka Kess

I cannot remember a time as a child when I didn’t have sports on my mind. It started with baseball and summers full of afternoon backyard games with friends and nights camped out in front of the TV watching Yankees and Phillies games. I still remember laying on the floor in front of the TV in a muggy house without air conditioning eating Freezepops and waiting for Mike Schmidt’s next at bat. I didn’t get into card collecting until one day when those afternoon backyard games turned into a card show off and swap event. I More >

Bend it like Blanda

By David Rudick aka Rudickulous


If Brett Favre was considered too old to play in the NFL, somebody should have carted George Blanda off to the nearest retirement home eight years before he even considered it. Truly a force to be reckoned with, the Canton Football Hall of Famer was known as one of the most unbelievable players in all of football. Playing in four different decades (40s-70s), “The Grand-Old Man” made four AFL all star games, five All-AFL selections, two All- Pro selections, the UPI, AP, TSN AFL MVP in 1963, League champion in 1960, 61, and 67, and a More >


The Finnish Flash, The Ageless Wonder

By Jon Maxfield aka DnJcards


In sports, it seems that age is almost as powerful as on field/ice/court play, even more so in a physical contact sport like Football or Ice Hockey. Age determines your selling point on a free agency market/trading market, it determines when you’re supposed to retire. Without exaggeration age is about as important to sports as your talent level. Whether it’s “Completely full of potential” young age of 18-23 years old, the “They’re at their potential, we know what to expect” age of 24-33 years old, the “past their prime, still able bodied” age of 34-36 years old, More >

‘Roid Rage

By David Rudick aka Rudickulous

Chalk up another career ruined by the phenomenon known as steroids. You heard correctly folks, the world of sports was shocked once again, disappointed from the news concerning Melky Cabrera. Cabrera, an outfielder for the San Francisco Giants was in the process of having a breakout season and preparing for a big payday due to becoming a free agent this offseason. Unfortunately though, not only did he test positive for testosterone, but he even attempted to cover his own tracks by creating a fake website in an effort to protect himself from embarrassment. Now Cabrera is More >

There’s No Grading System for a Memory

By Peter McCabe aka 74Razor


No matter how much I rubbed my forehead the headache just wasn’t going away. I thought I read somewhere that if you rubbed hard enough your body would release a natural painkiller. Wasn’t this supposed to get rid of headaches? Or was it a lime that you needed to rub against your forehead? Was that it? Wait, I don’t have a lime, so does it matter? No.

‘Iron Man has this face shield in his suit, which looks like a computer, that he uses when he flies.’ I knew my son didn’t lead me to the More >