Contest Entries

Will They or Won’t They?

By Brett Johnson aka Chargerfan46

I have been an NFL junky all of my life and this is the worst possible thing to happen all the way around. Unfortunately the true underlying motive is GREED! Both sides are guilty of this. The players want a bigger piece of the pie while the owners want to keep it. My take from both sides is as follows:

The players do not want to play an 18 game season and I do not blame them for that. The wear and tear on their bodies is great enough without adding two more games. I would be More >


If I Were King of Sports Card Forum…

By Kevin Ransom aka Spoodini

I believe that many people are often afraid to answer these tough questions on what they would do if they were in charge of and would shy away from them. I, on the other hand, am not afraid because I know first-hand how the staff members on Sports Card Forum work and believe that my opinions may speak for others on the website. I would like to start by saying that if you agree or disagree with these opinions, please let that be known by posting in the comments section of this blog or on the More >

It’s About the Memories, Not the Money…

By Richard Mock aka Paintball

I have noticed over the past 10 years or so that all card collectors talk about are the “great pulls” and how much money they got for such and such card. Card collecting has always been a form of gambling, but I’m afraid the young adults with children are missing the most important aspect of collecting, the memories. I am 63 years old and raised three sons. Every time I look through our collection I have a memory. Every time I look at my old cards from when I was a kid I return to my More >



By Cherie Mollohan aka Tradinpaint

Racing is my favorite sport. Why? Well, in NASCAR, you can meet the drivers, go to the races and hear the crew chief and your driver talk, if you buy special tickets, you can go to victory lane, and Press Pass makes some really cool memorabilia! They have race used: helmet, glove, shoe, sock, shirt, firesuit, tire, sheetmetal, pit wall sign, and more.That is a lot of fun. Of course, they also have autographs.

There are quite a few tracks; therefore, I cannot say that I have a favorite. I enjoy: Bristol, Martinsville, and Charlotte. Really, my More >

This Event Changed the Way I See Sports Card Collecting…

By Guy Mitchell aka sweetg1

There are two different events that have changed the way that I view card collecting. I’ll describe them both here, as they reflect on the good and the bad experiences that I’ve had.

I’ll start with the bad. To begin, I believe that most people are good and that everyone deserves a chance to be considered good unless they prove otherwise. This especially applies to kids. After graduating from college, I had the pleasure of working a few weekends a month for one of the local dealers, selling at his table at shows. He was the promoter More >