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The Top 5 Sports Movies of Generation Y

By Gregory Sanchez aka Sugarpooper

Although I have not had the privilege to watch some of the cult classic sport films from the 1970s and 1980s, I do however know that some amazing sports movies have been produced in my generation’s time. I personally feel that I would be doing a disservice to all those great movies from the past if I named this list the top five greatest sports movies of all time. So without further ado, here is my take on the top five greatest sports movies of Generation Y!

#5 – Love & Basketball

What better way to start the More >


Easier Said Than Done – The Toronto Maple Leafs Story

By Ethan Shippen aka TheBoxBreaker

My alarm clock went off at exactly 1 AM. The day I had waited for had arrived, May 14th 2013. Game 7 of the Eastern Conference Quarterfinals between my beloved Toronto Maple Leafs and the Boston Bruins. To understand why this game was so important to me, let’s back up a bit, shall we? The year was 2004 and I was a 9-year-old boy in Denmark who just realized that there was a sport out there greater than any other: hockey. I started playing hockey myself and loved to play NHL 2005 on the old PlayStation More >

The Down and Distance

By Rob Holt aka robholt91

It’s fourth and inches, with the game clock winding down twenty to seventeen. Your team is up by three and every part of your body is screaming “Win!” and in that split second, the snap. It’s a run, your team lined up for pass. He breaks one tackle, two, three, and the clock is running down. From ten to zero, from the fifteen to the goal line, your team’s playoff hopes were crushed. The 16 games of blood, sweat, and tears all seemingly down the drain. Why? By one simple error in judgment, the game clock More >

Perfect Shame: Please Stop While You’re Ahead

By Rudickulous aka David Rudick

This season has already shown some impressive and promising talents when it comes to pitching in the MLB. Both Annibal Sanchez and Yu Darvish came so amazingly close at achieving greatness, and while Sanchez’s game would have been a no hitter, it is still an admirable feat that only a select few have achieved. And yet after watching these two players collapse at the last second, I feel disgusted. There is a feeling in the back of my head that is filling with rage and sickness, a chilling feeling that is hard to describe. The weird More >