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Profiting from a Player’s Sudden and Untimely Death

By Sean Berry aka #1 Broncos Fan

Is profiting from a players sudden death right or wrong? I have seen all to often people try to make a quick buck on eBay when a player dies a sudden death whether it is in the NFL or any other sport. It happens a lot not only on eBay and even on other forums such as sports card trading sites. Recently the Denver Broncos lost a young player in his second year; Kenny McKinley. Generally he was a common player meaning he was not a star and his cards didn’t sell well if More >

The One and Only Hobby

By redsguy aka Zach Smith

I am currently 14 years old and have been collecting cards for about seven years. I can remember my first cards that I got and I still have them all. I’m not sure where I got them but they were Opening Day 2K cards. Included in the cards I got were Mo Vaughn, Ken Griffey Jr., Pokey Reese, and Jason Kendall. There were more but those were my favorites. My dad had got them for me and I have collected cards since then. I now have about 30,000 cards.

I always bought cards anytime I could. Also, More >

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41 Cents

By Brandon Boyd aka 6boyds

If you ask any card shop owner today, they will tell you they are in it to make money. Sure, they like to chat with customers and take a look at the delightfully designed pieces of cardboard that we as sports card collectors gather, but in the end, they are in it for the ring of the cash register.

My local card shop was owned by Pat Thompson, known as pltcards on SportsCardForum.com. He was a great guy – always willing to talk, make deals, and was a friendly person to buy from. I frequented his shop More >