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So Where Do We Go from Here?

by Ethan Cahn aka hhliving1101

Lack of selection, escalation of prices, availability of product, mark up costs from retailers – what do all these things have in common, you ask? The end of set collectors as well as any chance of bringing in kids to the hobby. Now I say this mainly because of the most recent Bowman Baseball release, which went so through-the-roof that no kid (and even many adults) could shell out $10 per basic pack, or $25 per jumbo (don’t get me started on the cost of the boxes these days).

Was it not supposed to be Topps’ responsibility More >

The Thrill of Card Collecting

By Andrew Farn aka MasonRaymond0320

I recently found Sportscardforum.com last year, and have had the best time of my life collecting, trading, and spending my cash on cards of players that I admire. It is always heart warming when you see a hint of yellow in the mailbox after a hard day at school/work. But the best part of card collecting is probably the people that make this hobby so much fun, the people that will trade you a card because they know that it will make a home in your personal collection.

When I first joined Sportscardforum.com, last July of 2009, More >

Autographs: A Two-Part How-To (Part Two)

By Drew Pelto aka *censored*

Part two: The Russian Postal System blows

You’re still here? Geez man, you’re supposed to be out hounding. I gave you all that good advice and you’re still sitting on your duff, wasting time at the computer?

Oh, right. No teams within a two-hour radius. I feel your pain, as I have the same problem here.

Not all of us can be so blessed as to have a 15-minute walk or 5-minute subway or bus ride to get autographs. Many people live an hour or more away from the nearest team. Some of us live on a dental floss More >

Autographs: A Two-Part How-To (Part One)

By Drew Pelto aka *censored*

Everyone knows that one guy.

The one who has the awesome man cave at his house. I’m not just talking a flat-screen TV, bar stools, and a pool table. I’m talking the guy with signed jerseys, photos, bats, balls, pucks, and Swedish pancake makers hanging from the walls. You’ve seen the place. Maybe you’re that guy (you lucky son of a…).

This is to help out the person who wants to be that guy. You don’t have to sink hundreds or thousands of dollars into memorabilia that may or may not be authentically signed. With a small investment More >

An Unexpected Encounter

By Kyle Britten aka kbritt41

I remember this day so clearly.

So one day last year at the end of July, my family and I decided to go to the Baltimore Ravens training camp. We were going to leave at around 5 o’clock a.m., but we found our car’s tire had a nail in it and was flat (we still don’t know to this day how it happened).

Well, maybe it was a blessing.

So my dad, my brother, and I were changing a tire at 5:30 in the morning, in the high humidity. We changed it in about 30 minutes, but my mom More >

Christmas Box Break

By Matt Contreras aka KingAlbert1

My best box break was on Christmas Day in 2009. I only got three presents that day, but one of them was a 2007 SP Legendary Cuts hobby box. After I opened my nerf guns I decided to open the Legendary Cuts box. As most of you know this box comes with twelve packs with four cards per pack. You can find ON AVERAGE two signatures. I ripped open the box, and started opening the packs. The number one reason I wanted this hobby box was because I liked the base cards. After I opened the More >