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Autographed Memorabilia – Protect Yourself

By Kevin Ransom aka spoodini

Autographed memorabilia is something we collectors really take for granted. We see our favorite player’s autograph on a bat, ball, jersey, puck, and just about everything available for someone to autograph, and we will see these online for sale. Online auction sites and your friendly message boards are littered with tons of autographed items ready for your hard earned cash. But how do you know if they are truly authentic? How do you know it’s not a forgery?

In a report a couple of years ago, the FBI determined that over 70% of “authentic” autographs listed online More >

1989 – A Summer of Cards & the Spawning of a Lifelong Hobby

By Ethan Cahn aka hhliving1101

I can still remember it like yesterday: school had just ended and a long summer awaited me. My best friend Alan and I had a few bucks in our pocket so we decided to hop on the old bikes for a quick ride down to the local 7/11. We were planning on getting a slurpee and enough candy to choke a horse.

We had our candy and slurpee in one hand and were just about to leave when I noticed this grey box with pinstripes going through it: the 7/11 had just gotten in 1989 Fleer. I More >

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Thirty Pieces of Hope

By Tim Viola aka Tivo32

There isn’t just one card that is valuable to me, but thirty. Let me explain. In 1996, Denny’s held a promotion where they sold packs of baseball cards that held one holographic card. That summer, my mom and I went several times and I was able to buy a few packs. I really loved the cards. I liked the holographic look of the cards, but I loved that I was able to get them while spending time with my mom and eating at Denny’s. I loved being able to trade the cards with the different employees More >

A Word with Chris Bossy

By Karine Hains aka Pheebs888

In the 1980s in hockey mad Montreal, the name Bossy was synonymous with greatness. Today it still is, not for the highlight reel moves of Mike but for the hockey cards store of his brother Chris.

The Bossy kids grew up loving and “literally” eating hockey; the six brothers all dreamt of a National Hockey League career, but as Chris puts it himself: “Doesn’t everyone want a career in the NHL? But as time passed, we all sensed that we were not all gifted, reality sets in and life goes on.” What they could all do however More >

The Day I’ll Never Forget

By Matt Contreras aka KingAlbert1

It was a White Christmas Eve and my friends from Texas were over for the holidays. It was turning out to be the worst blizzard in years. After my friends and I had a snowball fight, played football, and jumped on the trampoline, my sisters were working on their ‘Christmas Lists’. In the meantime I was writing down what baseball cards and other presents I wanted. I began to write:

1. Star Wars Lego Sets 2. 2007 or 2009 SP Legendary Cuts hobby box 3. Nerf guns

Not a long list, but it’s what I wanted at the More >

The Joys of Collecting

By Karine Hains aka Pheebs888

This hobby of ours has a lot to offer: the thrill of the chase when collecting cards, the addictive feeling of gambling on a high end box of wax, the chance to test your negotiating skills when trying to conclude a trade – but what I prefer without a doubt is the incomparable community feeling that can be found among us collectors. Sure, there are some bad eggs, but generally speaking, the collecting masses are nice and helpful.

When I first started collecting as a kid, it was very much a solitary passion. None of my friends More >