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Leaving and Returning to the Hobby

Almost all of us in the sports card hobby have taken extended periods of time away. Some because they lost interest in the hobby; others because they had greater priorities to attend to at that specific points in their life. Many, though have found the hobby pulling them back.

I left the hobby for an extremely long period of time-almost twenty years. And though I can attribute part of that to the growing up process, the reason I left the hobby was mainly because of a circumstance that changed the hobby for me.

I first started collecting cards with my brother during More >

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The Best Part of Sports Card Trading

By James Friedman

Over the last several years I have completed nearly 1,500 transactions on SportsCardForum.com, the grand majority of which have been trades. While I had attended a trade night or two at a local card store, and I had dabbled in trading on the old bulletin boards, I have never traded as much as I have the last few years.

Which got me to thinking- what is the best part of a trade? I’ve not been able to decide conclusively what I enjoy more; actually making a trade or actually receiving the cards.

The logical, business side of More >

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My Dirty Little Hobby Secret

By James Friedman

In my everyday life, I consider myself to normally be a very generous person when it comes to spending money on family and friends. When it comes to my card collecting hobby, I have a confession to make: I’m cheap!

Since I have never collected a specific sport, year, team, or player, it has been a little bit easier for me to be cheap with my cards. As I have frequented card shows over the years, I never went with the intention of looking for specific “needs”. Instead, I have always gone with the idea of buying whatever I More >

The Future of Goaltending in Montreal

by Richard McAdam aka RGM81

For a significant portion of the 2009-10 season, Montreal Canadiens fans engaged in a spirited and often heated debate over who should be the team’s #1 goaltender: Carey Price or Jaroslav Halak. Price was spectacular to start the season but couldn’t put together the wins when they were needed, while Halak picked up the slack beginning mid-season and carried the bulk of the load as the team made its charge towards the playoffs. Halak ultimately earned the #1 role and started 18 of Montreal’s 19 playoff games, and was often spectacular in the upsets over Washington More >

Basketball Card Saber Metrics: NBA Draft Lottery Version

By Josh Glover aka sonics_79

This past year has been an exciting one for NBA fans in the hobby. We have seen the emergence of some amazing players from last year’s draft who have had a huge impact on the card collecting industry, and the sport in general. Tyreke Evans, Stephen Curry, and Brandon Jennings among many others have been the big names coming from this year’s rookie ranks.

Every year it seems like we see a few surprise players coming out of the draft that end up drawing huge values for their cards. I have to say, before the beginning of More >

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Improving Your Online Sports Card Trading

By James Friedman

As a seven year veteran of Sports Card Forum (http://www.sportscardforum.com) it never ceases to amaze (or annoy) me the frequency with which people whine in their thread titles about not being able to get trades done. I’d like to share my perspective on this subject.

Getting two parties to agree on a trade is not as easy as people think. We all have different ways of valuing cards and we should consider it amazing that trades are done with the frequency they are done.

Some people won’t trade down; some won’t trade autographed cards for game used More >