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Can Upper Deck Usher in a New Era of College Collecting?

By Ethan Cahn aka hhliving1101

For years we have had limited choices in college cards and memorabilia. Sage and Press Pass have been the mainstays for years in this arena, and have always been a hot issue early due to the release of the products around the draft, but they seem to fall out of favor by the beginning of the season after the rookies have their “NFL” rookie cards.

I personally have been quite a fan of the Press Pass sets since the beginning: the on-card autographs, college game-worn jerseys, and nice base card stock made me a fan years ago. More >

The Next Big Thing

By Karine Hains aka Pheebs888

It’s spring again and to us hockey fans, this means only one thing: the Stanley Cup Playoffs! Like every year, the excitement levels are running high and each die hard hockey fan is rooting for their team with a passion. For me, that team is the Montreal Canadiens. They started the playoffs as huge underdogs but somehow (mainly using Jaroslav Halak) they managed to dispatch the mighty Washington Capitals and send them golfing. Now in the second round, the Habs are attempting to do the same thing with Sidney Crosby and his skillful Penguins. Of course More >

Changing Times in the Hobby

By Michael Barton aka MonticelloCards

2009-10 has already been quite a year for the world of sports cards. We have seen Upper Deck lose multiple licenses and settle a lawsuit for producing unlicensed cards, Topps becoming the only game in town in baseball (again), and Panini becoming a major player in the marketplace in a few different areas. I am going to discuss 1 positive change, 1 negative change, and 1 change that is still too early to call in this article, and would love to hear others’ thoughts and opinions on the subject. Just leave a response below this article.

The More >

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The Beginning of the End?

By Ethan Cahn aka hhliving1101

A funny thing happened on the way to the card shop: I woke up. I remembered that this wasn’t supposed to be about the big hit. This is a hobby I enjoyed because I respected (and in some cases adored) my childhood heroes from their various sports. I used to collect with the goal in mind to get the complete set and maybe even the inserts (which, during this time period, were few and far between). It’s no longer like that. The kids today need to understand that it shouldn’t be about the amount of autographs More >

NFL Trading Card License: More Than Just Cards?

By Ethan Cahn aka hhliving1101

Well, it’s no secret what has happened this last month, and the impact it will have on us as collectors here in the States. With Topps and Upper Deck out of the football card business for now, we are left with Italian sticker maker Panini, but was that choice more of a marketing tool than anything else?

We all know for the past few years, the NFL has showcased Premier Talent in the UK for a regular season game (usually toward the end of October), as well as preseason games in Mexico and Canada. Could this recent More >

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What is a Sports Card Super Collector?

By Tim Danielson

There has been a lot of discussion on various collecting sites about what a ‘Super Collector’ is and if certain collections qualify as one. Both sports card collecting websites ‘The Bench‘ and ‘Sports Card Forum‘ (SCF) have programs where members can submit statistics, pictures and websites and apply for ‘Super Collector’ status on each site. I will try to provide an objective opinion for this subjective term.

I will reference criteria outlined by both websites listed above, but this is by no means absolute, just a suggested starting point.

For a large majority of collectors, reaching Super Collector status starts More >